10 Best Fortnite Hide and Seek Map Codes

Alice in wonderland hide and seek maze
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Fortnite’s creative mode gives players the ability to enter and explore hundreds of custom maps. The map code for a Prop Hunt or 1v1 game can be great, but it’s not hard to argue that hide and seek maps are the best maps Creative has to offer, as most maps are large sandbox maps that aren’t outdated. However, hide and seek maps can be difficult to find as most mod maps rarely appear in the main menu. So, to make your search much easier, we’ve listed the 10 best hide and seek codes for Fortnite in alphabetical order.

Alice in wonderland hide and seek maze

Alice in wonderland hide and seek maze
  • Creator : Owenm Smith
  • Password : 4816-5553-6324

Far from most maps, the Alice in Wonderland location is a huge maze with everything from bushes to buildings. The design with 4 colorful biomes in every corner of the map is also deserving of recognition. Despite its shape, escaping from enemies on narrow streets is not an easy task, so I recommend the Alice in Wonderland hide and seek maze for veteran hide and seek.

Carnival hide and seek

Carnival hide and seek
  • Creator: mtl_rellik
  • Password : 8698-8038-7328

Mtl_rellik’s Carnival Hide and Seek has a very high level of detail, so good luck to everyone playing as Seeker. On one side of the map, players can explore and get lost inside a fun mirror house, a multi-level bounce house, and a huge apple swaying pool you can plunge into. Most notably, there are guards throughout the carnival to ensure that hidden people can reach the top of the towering Ferris wheel.


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Huge gift

Huge gift
  • Creator : fatal_creation
  • Password : 3837-4047-8371

If you want to get into the holiday spirit already, Giant Gifts makes a great setting in your living room on Christmas Day. It may sound too small for competitive matches, but the twist is that each player is scaled down to the size of an ant. This means you can hide in everything from toy trains to sofa cushions and even under the Christmas tree. Players who successfully fulfill their roles may even get disguises and useful tools for later rounds.

Halloween hide and seek mansion

Halloween hide and seek mansion
  • Creator : Jinip3rboy090
  • Password : 8352-2462-1271

Halloween Hide and Seek Mansion may be one of the oldest Hide and Seek maps, but this classic doesn’t seem to lose its charm because of its too much emphasis on horror. Maps are covered in amber and cobweb fog almost everywhere, giving seekers the option of using a flashlight, the best tool for this kind of map. Fortunately, those in hiding can gain the upper hand by exploring and camping in mansions or rivers.

Modern city hide and seek

Modern city hide and seek
  • Creator : Jerkan
  • Password : 7477-6379-1293

Modern City Hide and Seek can be expected to look very similar to Coney Crossroads, giving Hide and Seek fans full control of the downtown intersection. The main difference here is that the structure is a restaurant, a bank and a hotel, each with hard-to-find areas, giving greater difficulty to the seeker. Intrepid players must travel to the center leading to a vast underground construction site.

Modern mansion

modern mansion
  • Creator: lethal creation
  • Password : 8209-0229-1867

There are hundreds of mansion maps in creative mode, but nothing like Modern Mansion. This location has a small island with a large 4 storey house and lots of rooms to hide. Hideaway also has a swimming pool, tennis courts, numerous garden areas, and helicopter pads for mixing and camping. Even if you’re simply looking for something to see, Modern Mansion is definitely worth exploring.

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Pleasant park

pleasant park
  • Creator: Joker
  • Password : 2770-5215-7924

People who have played Fortnite since its initial release will want to go somewhere other than Pleasant Park. This map is inspired by a previous Battle Royale point of the same name and functions almost like a clone. For starters, each house built around Main Park is molded exactly like a retired POI’s house, and you can bet there are tons of hidden rooms in each house. This can put you at a disadvantage for seekers, but the location is walled so that the hidden person can’t get too far away.

The castle

The castle
  • Creator : Listero
  • Password : 1754-4475-9207

Although it doesn’t offer much space, the castle’s main building is one of its impressive masterpieces. It has five floors, each with a maze of narrow corridors, doors and rooms, and also has amazing visuals as all rooms are handcrafted with an ominous medieval theme. Aside from the castle, on the other end of the map is a tiny pool house that some seekers may not even notice.


  • Creator : ajcplays
  • Password : 2504-2038-5775

Players looking to engage in intense hide-and-seek at sea will be thrilled with ajcplays’ The Yacht map. As advertised, this location is a six-story ship with numerous decks and control rooms custom-built for hiding places. As much as this, Yacht is truly separated from other hide and seek maps with Easter eggs and hidden realms. We won’t spoil where these are, but if you find a door that doesn’t seem to open, be sure to crouch.

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Water park hide game

Water park hide game
  • Creator: Eat
  • Password : 9782-5046-3522

Waterpark Hiding Game is not just a slide with water. This creation proves to be a lot more with 10 slides and a handful of pools the player can dive into. You can also hide its location by entering the gift shop and toilet in the outer corner of the map. It’s also one of the few waterpark maps where players can leave the area and hide near neighboring streets. Due to its overwhelming size, it’s best to bring two or more players to this vast summer paradise.

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