10 Differences Between BeReal and Snapchat Dual Cameras (And 4 Similarities)

Differences between BeReal and Snapchat dual camera
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Thanks to the release of BeReal, dual camera shots are all the rage lately. Many social media platforms are looking to emulate and incorporate this feature into their services, and Snapchat is no different. The company has been working on the dual camera image capture feature for some time and recently released it to the general public. If you want to take photos with both the front and rear camera, you might get confused between BeReal and Snapchat.

Differences between BeReal and Snapchat dual camera

While Snapchat’s dual-camera capture mode may seem similar to BeReal at first glance, there are many key differences that set the two services apart. Let’s take a look at their differences to get to know the dual camera mode in Snapchat and BeReal. Let’s start.

Differences between BeReal and Snapchat dual camera

Here are the main differences when it comes to Snapchat and BeReal dual camera capture modes.


1. Video

Differences between BeReal and Snapchat dual camera

The main difference between them is video capture. While Snapchat allows you to shoot video when using two cameras, BeReal simply does not have this option. BeReal as a social media platform focuses on creating memories and capturing moments instantly. So video doesn’t make sense for BeReal, which is why you can’t make videos on the platform.

2. Editing

Editing is another feature missing from BeReal. Snapchat lets you edit your snaps as needed by cropping, hiding, and resizing images and videos. On the other hand, BeReal doesn’t offer any editing tools after you’ve taken a photo. This sets the two modes apart, as if you want to edit your snaps, then Snapchat is your only option for now.

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3. Layouts

Another major difference between the dual camera modes on Snapchat and BeReal is the layouts they offer. BeReal only offers the PIP layout, which displays the image from the second camera in a small rectangular cutout in the top left corner.

On the other hand, Snapchat offers you 4 layout options when using dual camera mode. Here are the layouts offered by Snapchat.

  • Vertical: This layout will place front and rear camera shots vertically on top of each other.
  • Horizontal: This layout will place pictures from your camera side by side.
  • PIP: This layout is similar to the BeReal PIP layout. The only difference is that Snapchat uses a round notch for the secondary shot instead.
  • Cutout: This layout superimposes your front camera cutout on the rear camera image and works similarly to the virtual background feature in popular meeting apps.

4. Effects

BeReal also doesn’t offer any effects or editing tools for your shots. Snapchat, on the other hand, offers a huge library of effects for you to choose from, including the ability to add overlays and text.

5. Lenses

Snapchat has always been popular for its augmented reality lenses that allow you to change and experiment with your appearance in real time. The company has promised to enable features for dual camera modes in the coming months.

BeReal, on the other hand, doesn’t have lenses or any augmented reality features to help enhance your shots even more.

6. Time limit

Since BeReal focuses on capturing the moment and spontaneity, it sets a limit of 2 minutes to complete and capture your BeReal.

On the other hand, Snapchat has no time limit. You can spend as much time as you want using Snapchat’s dual camera mode.

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7. Save pictures

BeReal allows you to save pictures on the platform as memories. It is not possible to save your snapshots locally unless you choose to take a screenshot of them.

On the other hand, Snapchat gives you the option to store snaps in the cloud or locally on your device without having to publish them on the platform.

8. Music

Adding music to your pictures is an easy way to enhance your photos or videos. Snapchat allows you to add music to your snaps from an extensive library of licensed songs.

On the other hand, BeReal doesn’t offer you the ability to add music to your pictures.

9. Stickers

Snapchat has a huge library of stickers that you can click on and add to your snaps. You have the option to change the size and position of these stickers as you wish.

Unfortunately, BeReal does not yet have the ability to add stickers to your pictures.

10. Reactions

Snapchat allows you to react to your friends snaps by sending them a message. This message can include emojis, text, or even your own snapshots as replies.


BeReal, on the other hand, offers a new way to respond to BeReal messages posted by your friends. You can use Realmojis, a new way to add emojis. BeReal captures your facial expression in real time and then uses AR to match it to an emoji. This emoji is then added as a reaction to the selected BeReal along with your image, providing a unique and more personalized experience within your circle of friends.

Similarities Between BeReal and Snapchat Dual Camera

Now that you’re familiar with how Snapchat and BeReal differ from each other, let’s take a quick look at their similarities.

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1. Switch cameras

Both Snapchat and BeReal allow you to switch between front and rear cameras. This gives you the ability to choose which shot will be in focus when using the PIP layout. However, it won’t make much of a difference when using a vertical or horizontal layout in Snapchat.

Note. You cannot switch cameras when using the Cutout layout in Snapchat.

2. Flash

Both apps let you use the flash when using the dual camera mode on your device. The rear camera uses the hardware flash on your device (if available) and the front camera uses a simulated flash that usually turns on a bright white screen at full brightness.

3. Scale

Both Snapchat and BeReal allow you to zoom in on your snaps and adjust the zoom based on the capabilities of your device. You can use the icon above the shutter button to zoom in or out depending on your device in BeReal.

If you’re using Snapchat, you can slide up and down the shutter button to zoom in or out.

4. PIP layout

Both BeReal and Snapchat offer you the ability to capture dual camera images in PIP (picture in picture) mode. This allows you to capture your reactions and is a great way to capture memories and important life moments. The only difference is that Snapchat uses a round cutout for your secondary camera, while BeReal uses a rectangular cutout.

We hope this post has helped you become familiar with the differences and similarities between BeReal and Snapchat. If you have any more questions feel free to contact us using the comments below.

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