The 3 Best software to program car keys

The 3 Best software to program car keys
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Last updated on September 29th, 2022 at 12:07 pm

Vehicles are increasingly accompanied by more technology. That makes life simpler, but also more complicated.

So that you can know more, we are not only going to show you the best programs to program car keys, but we are also going to show you information about coded keys. We want to answer all your questions so that you can know as much as possible about the subject.

The 3 Best software to program car keys

What are coded car keys?

They are the keys that have a coded signal system so that only the correct key can open the vehicle. In this way, it is guaranteed that the driver can only start his vehicle.

When we have a coded key in sight, it is difficult to know if it is coded or not. This is because at first glance it looks like a normal key. And that’s because the difference is inside the key. Specifically, it has a transponder chip.

The internal chip of the key has a unique code , which is linked to the vehicle. That chip through the code is synchronized with the car’s control unit and is what allows the car to start. If we introduce a key that does not have the correct code, the control unit does not respond and consequently the car does not start.

The operation of the coded key is very simple. When we insert the key, it sends a signal through the chip to the switchboard. The latter, by verifying that the code is correct, allows the car to start. If the code is not correct, the control unit will deny the process and consequently the car will not be able to start.

Coded keys have become popular for the security they offer . It is an effective method to prevent car theft, hence coded keys are already the most common. After all, copying a key is easy, what is really complicated is copying the chip. Its encoding is strong, that is, decoding it is not easy. For that reason, it is a very practical security system.

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How is a car key encoded?

In the event of loss, what you have to do is ask a specialist company for a new coded key. When we buy a new car, we are always offered two keys. One must be saved so that it can be used when we have lost the other.

In case of loss, we only have to take the key to the professional company and they will take care of quickly duplicating the key. Being only a copy, the price is not usually expensive, in many cases it can be quite cheap. The important thing is to always have two keys to avoid major problems.

If you have lost the key and you don’t have another to make the copy, things get complicated. Not only will they take longer to complete, but the price will be higher. In that case, the company that is going to encode your key will have to contact the dealer on your behalf. They will send information of the code number and thus they will be able to make the key. It is a longer process, but in the hands of professionals it always gives good results.

Where to encode a car key?

When encoding a car key, you should always go to specialized centers that guarantee a good result.

Analyzing the market, we realize that there really are not many professional centers to choose from. But without a doubt, for us the best option to encode a car key is  Car Key System . It is a company that has centers equipped with the latest technology and great professionals. This guarantees an excellent result at all times, which is why it is the number one company in key duplication.

When you hire the services of Car Key System you realize their professionalism at all times . It shows that they know very well what they have to do and that helps to make the deal a ten at all times. In addition, the price is one of the cheapest, they are even cheaper than at the dealer itself. If we add to that its speed, we can conclude that at the moment it is the best company for which we can choose. If you have doubts, you should only read the comments of clients who have already enjoyed their services. This way you can realize that it really is the company that interests you.

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3 software to program car keys

Now we are going to show you a list with the three best software to program car keys. They are quite easy to use and can help you in many cases.

1- Autel MaxilM

1- Autel MaxilM

It is one of the most complete tools that we are going to get today, which is why it is presented as one of the best alternatives for the most demanding.

Through this software to program car keys  you will be able to carry out the programming in a simple way and carry out diagnostics on the systems , as well as allowing you to perform an oil, DPF, SAS and EPB reset.

The program is quite simple to perform. To this we must add that it has a security system that makes the program get an update every year. It can only be to increase security measures and make programming more secure and other design. In recent cases we have been able to see how the program has become much easier to use. The screen is much more intuitive and the battery life is greater.

2- Otofix IM1

Otofix IM1

We are talking about an advanced programming system with which the programming of the keys is quite simple. In a way, thanks to the fact that it has an advanced system and includes the IMMO system.

The operation of this program is quite simple , which means that the opinions of the program are very positive. To this we must add that this program can be used at home as well as professionally. We just have to use the mode that interests us. And like other quality programs, every so often it gets updates that make the program more professional. With this software you can be certain that you will always have the latest on the market, another point in favor for opting for this alternative.

3. Evgatsauto programmer

Evgatsauto programmer

It can be defined as a simpler program, so it can be an  interesting option if you are going to use it only occasionally . The program gives good results, although it is true that it does not work with all models.

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The operation of the program is quite simple, which means that no training courses are required. In a few minutes you can start using the program to be sure that the key can be ready in a few minutes. Of course, the original key is needed to make the copy, it cannot be obtained through a code.

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