3 Easy Ways to Lock Apps on iPhone

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Many people are looking for ways to lock apps on iPhone to secure their privacy. But few find the easiest method so practical when used.

3 Easy Ways to Lock Apps on iPhone

We have provided three of the easiest methods that users can do. So that the goal of getting privacy protection for apps can still be obtained.

Don’t worry, all the ways that we will teach can be implemented in vanilla. This means that there is no need to jailbreak so that the method can run optimally on the device.


Why we chose this step because jailbreak is an illegal method and voids device warranty. So it is true that there is an optimal step if you jailbreak but the device warranty will be damaged.

How to Lock Apps on iPhone Using Applock

Applock is a lightweight application whose features are quite to the point, namely locking apps on the iPhone. By using applock an app can only be opened using a certain password.

Why this is our top recommendation is because its use is simple and flexible. If you forget your password, you don’t need to worry because when we release the Applock, the locked apps can be opened.

So that users can avoid bricks due to the device forgetting the password. In the following we will explain how to use applock so that it can protect user privacy.

  1. Download and install applock
  2. Open applock
  3. Select the application that we want to protect
  4. Select pattern or password to open related apps
  5. Exit applock and done.

By using these five steps, the locked apps can only be opened using a password. This means that usage privacy protection is already in place and people without a password can’t know it.

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This is the simplest method to apply for all iPhone users. We don’t need to do complex tweaking to get basic protection like this.

Lock iPhone Apps with iProtect

Iprotect is an application developed by a cydia developer with a pretty good rating. The main purpose of iprotect itself is to secure the application against unauthorized users.

In addition, iprotect is also able to limit the activities carried out by an app without the user’s consent. So the features offered by iProtect are indeed more complex than before.

Even though it has many features, it is still quite easy to use for ordinary users. Here is how to lock apps on iPhone using iprotect so that privacy is protected.

  1. Download iprotect from cydia
  2. Install iprotect
  3. Open iprotect
  4. Select the apps to be locked or restricted
  5. Specify pattern or password
  6. Define app limitations if needed
  7. Press apply and done

By using these steps we will get security because the application can only be accessed privately. So when someone else wants to open it, they have to deal with the password first.

Then the prominent feature of iprotect itself is actually the limitation of apps. This will be useful if we want to maintain privacy from suspicious activity or third-party traffic related apps.

When using iprotect we don’t need to be afraid anymore of the potential abuse of the application. Because in addition to protecting it using a password, there is also a limitation of data traffic from the device.

Lock Apps on iPhone by Default

Actually, the iPhone itself has also provided a privacy security menu that users can use. We will use touch id so the apps have protection before they can be opened.

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Touch ID itself will make an app need a password when you want to open it. So that only you know how to open those apps to protect privacy, here’s how to use them.

  1. Enter the settings menu
  2. Scroll down until you find touch id & password
  3. Create a password or pattern to open apps
  4. Select the application you want to protect
  5. Add fingerprint security

With these simple steps we can protect usage rights more optimally. This means that if the device has the potential to be used by other people, certain apps will be limited in use.

If you already know some of these steps you can immediately implement them. Is not how to lock applications on the iPhone is not too difficult to implement.

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