3 Points to become a Cat’s favorite person

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Here are three points to help you become a cat lover. I like cat’s so I want to get along better! But for some reason, cats hate me … I would like such people to read it, and I will explain how they like cats, such as how to read the distance from cats and how they behave.

3 Points to become a Cat's favorite person
If you’re a curious child, you’ll soon be friends.

As anyone who has lived with cats knows, people who like cats are “people who don’t do things that cats don’t like.”
Cats are very unique animals. Some children love humans and always want to snuggle up to them, aiming on their knees, but “normal” are those who are cautious, timid and hide in the shadows until they find it really safe.

If you have a cat who wants to get along with you, please try these three points to see if your cat likes it.


1. Cats like older people than children

Keep a distance from the cat
I’m interested, but are you afraid to approach?

In general, children can make loud noises, make loud movements, and sometimes make unpredictable movements.
“Loud noise,” “sudden movement,” and the high-pitched voice of a child are also “not good” for cats.

If you have children and the elderly, cats will not hesitate to choose the elderly.
“Slow movement” and “low tone of voice” are the points that cats like, so when you get along with cats, it’s a good idea to act as if you were old.

2. Keep a distance from the cat

Cute! I want to touch! It is forbidden to make a loud voice or approach unnecessarily.

Cat’s have the choice of allowing people to approach. When you want to get along with a cat you meet outside, stop moving first. If the cat does not escape, it will proceed slowly while speaking in a small calm voice, but when it finds that the cat’s body is getting stronger, it will stop and crouch quietly.

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If the cat does not escape while crouching, it will gradually approach the cat, but if it gets closer than a certain distance, it will usually run away. This sense of distance to approach depends on the cat.

Very timid cats, or cats with urgent business needs, run away just by seeing a human figure.
In that spare time, and if curiosity outweighs fear, you’ll be able to get closer and observe the cat. However, it is not advisable to touch an unknown cat unnecessarily.
* One is to not dull the instinct of the cat’s experience, and to avoid the possibility of being injured by the cat with some rhythm even without that intention.

Some people hang out with food just because they want to get along with cats, but never do this. If you give a cat food, you can get close to it to a certain extent, and if you are a cat that is eager to eat, it will immediately pretend to be a good friend.
However, it may be a cat with an owner, and the act of feeding a cat without an owner may be judged as the “cat manager” by the person who feeds it.
The guide believes that “feeding” should not be done, albeit temporarily, if the cat cannot be ultimately held accountable.

If you have a cat in your house, wait for it to come to you. Make it as quiet as possible, and invite it with a toy that cats will be happy to play, such as a cat foxtail, while calling out slowly so as not to surprise you with a low voice.
If you don’t have a cat toy, you can crumple the advertising paper to make a small ball and roll it.

Cats are very interested in moving things in front of their eyes.

Even if you get closer, if you hold it down, it is “return to the beginning”.
When the cat approaches, put your index finger on the tip of the cat’s nose. Most cats have their noses close to their fingertips and flutter.
Then gently stroke the bottom of the cat’s chin and the base of the ears (above the eyes).
Even if you’re so close to a cat, don’t pick it up yet.

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3. Read the sign from the cat’s behavior

Read the sign from the cat's behavior
A cat who wants to smell the smell of his fingers for some reason

Signs that cats dislike are represented by their ears and tail.
Keep away from cats with their ears lying down! Sign.
And when you wiggle the tip of your tail, it’s a sign that you’re very nervous.
A slightly larger and rounded pupil, even in bright light, is a sign of caution, fear, or excitement.

Cats are synonymous with capricious animals, so even if you think you’re used to it, if you get a sign like the one above, don’t be a cat anymore.

A cat with a high learning ability may think that you are a good playmate at first, but if you are persistent, you may change your perception and remember it as a “bad guy”.

Is the person who is not good at cats the most liked by cats? !!

After all, cats are most liked by people who aren’t good at cats or who aren’t interested in cats.
People who are interested in cats and want to care for (play) cats persistently chase after them, but they are the ones most hated by cats.

People who can get along with cats are those who know that they are in the same room but can signal that they are not interested in cats.

Ignored cats can’t come to people if they want to sleep quietly by themselves at that time, but if they feel like playing, they approach themselves with an interest in people who ignore themselves. increase.
You may think it’s difficult to get along with a cat, but I think it’s an animal that makes you feel happy just by looking at it from a distance, even if you can’t touch or hold it. I am.

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Don't get any closer!
Don’t get any closer!

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