5 Benefits of Buying a Wholesale Diamonds in Dallas, TX

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When planning to buy diamonds you should do your research and learn more about diamonds and where to buy them at an affordable price. Since diamonds are expensive but people are still fond of them then being a wise buyer can help you save some bucks. You can get the best wholesale diamonds in Dallas at Shira Diamonds. Here are 5 benefits of buying wholesale diamonds in Dallas, TX. Better read this before even going to the store to buy your diamonds.

5 Benefits of Buying a Wholesale Diamonds in Dallas, TX
5 Benefits of Buying a Wholesale Diamonds in Dallas, TX

More Affordable Pricing

Since you will not be dealing with too many middlemen there will be no markups and this means you can get a lower price for your diamonds. Wholesale prices can be 50% to 70% different from retail prices of diamonds. So who wouldn’t want to buy from a wholesale store instead? The reason behind these low prices is because the distribution and marketing expenses are eliminated from the cost of the diamond making it more affordable.

Diamonds are of High Quality

Wholesale diamond dealers in Dallas make the amount that they sell high-quality diamonds to uphold their reputation as well as keep their clients coming back for more. They also deal with suppliers who can give them diamonds that are certified to be legit and of high quality. Wholesale diamonds are often better than retail diamonds since they are offered in a loose form which means they are in their original form and not yet cut.


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Wholesale Diamonds are Certified

 Just like retail diamonds, wholesale ones are evaluated and certified too. Most known wholesale diamond dealers in Dallas have their diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS) which are two of the top known laboratories for diamonds. So you can be sure that the diamonds are indeed authentic.

Wholesale Diamonds are Perfect for Customized Jewelry

Wholesale diamond dealers usually sell loose diamonds too. Loose diamonds are perfect if you want your jewelry to be customized since they can easily be set and just put the loose diamond in it after creating it to the cut and shape you want. Customized diamonds are perfect for gifts since they can be made according to the preference of the wearer. Plus you can get it at a lower price.

More Options to Choose From

Wholesale diamond dealers have more diamonds to offer. Since they have a broader market they have to be able to offer a lot of diamonds for their customers to choose from. In a wholesale diamond store, you can see almost all shapes, sizes, clarity, and colors of diamonds and the best part is you can get them at a lower price. Having a wide variety of diamonds to choose from can let you buy something of your money’s worth.  

Other Tips for choosing the perfect diamond in Dallas

Get Familiar with Basics of Diamonds

Knowing what you’re buying can help you buy a good quality item. Same with diamonds, educating yourself about the attributes of the diamonds can help you know if the dealer is indeed offering you a good diamond or not. Learn the 4cs which includes color, clarity, cut, and carats of diamonds. For diamond color, make sure to choose the most colorless ones you can get since they appear better and have a good sparkle. For clarity, diamonds with lesser visible inclusions are a good choice. For the cut, an excellent cut is ideal since it affects the durability of the diamonds. And lastly, the carats would be weighed properly since the price of the wholesale diamond will depend on its carat weights plus the other 3cs. 

Get Familiar With the Average Price of Wholesale Diamonds in Dallas

Know the average wholesale prices of diamonds in Dallas, so you can compare and know who is giving a fair price and who is overpricing.

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Check on Wholesale Diamond Dealers in Dallas

Check on wholesale diamond dealers near you in Dallas and check each profile and then go over their background so you can compare who offers the best and who offers a wider variety of choices.

These tips and the 5 benefits of buying wholesale diamonds in Dallas, TX can serve as your guide in getting the best diamond at a wholesale price and with high quality.

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