5 Effective method of scalp massage To Grow beautiful hair

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A scalp massage will nourish the scalp and improve the firmness, elasticity and luster of the hair. Scalp massage is a recommended care method because it loosens the stiffness of the scalp and promotes blood circulation, so it has a lift-up effect not only on the hair but also on the face. Introducing a self-massage that can be done easily in 1 minute.

What is the effect of scalp massage?

scalp massage
Promoting blood circulation with a scalp massage and delivering nutrition to the hair is the key to growing beautiful hair.

The primary purpose of scalp massage is to loosen the stiffness of the scalp and promote blood circulation. In Chinese medicine, hair is called blood surplus, and it is thought that “hair is made of surplus blood”, so much blood is needed for hair growth.

Even if you are told that you need a lot of blood to grow your hair, you may not be able to tell how much you need. Hair grows about 1 cm a month. Converted to 0.33 mm per day. It’s not a big deal if you think about one hair, but since there are 100,000 hairs and they grow all at once, the total length is 0.33 mm x 100,000, which is 33 meters. Hair grows 33 meters in just one day. That much nutrition is needed.


Scalp massage is effective for modern human scalp where blood is hard to reach

The scalp is a place where blood tends to stagnate, even though hair growth requires a lot of nutrition. The scalp is above the heart that pumps blood and cannot even move. Especially recently, there are many people with poor blood circulation in the scalp due to the effects of PC, TV, stress, etc.

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In addition, the human body is designed so that nutrients can be delivered from important parts such as the heart and brain, which are indispensable for living. You can live without hair, so it’s the last time you get nourishment.

Even though a lot of nutrition is needed, the place where nutrition is hard to reach is the scalp, so scalp massage is a care that everyone should take in order to grow beautiful hair, not just those who have hair problems.

1 minute Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

There are many effects that can be obtained by promoting blood circulation and delivering nutrition to the hair with a scalp massage, but the most effective one is to improve the firmness, elasticity and luster of the hair.

Since hair is a dead cell, it does not have a big effect on the hair that is growing now, but if you continue for about half a year, the newly born hair will change. The effect has been confirmed by clinical experiments as numerical values ​​and actual feeling values ​​of the subjects.

In the subject’s experiment, a 3-minute massage was given in the morning and evening, and when shampooing, 3 times a day, but in my experience, 1 minute is fine, so it is recommended to do it frequently several times a day.

Please go for a short time, such as when you are watching TV or between work. I’ll show you how to do it later, but it’s very easy and anyone can do it, and it’s perfect for a change of pace as it will refresh your mind in just one minute.

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What is the lift-up effect of scalp massage?

Scalp massage is very effective not only for hair but also for lifting up the face. The same skin that connects the scalp and face with one piece. If your scalp sags, your face will naturally go down.

By the way, it is said that when the scalp sags 1 mm, the face sags 1 cm. But conversely, if you raise your scalp by 1 mm, your face will rise by 1 cm.

It is very difficult to raise your face by 1 cm with massage or cream, but it is surprisingly easy to raise your scalp by 1 mm. Please aim for both beautiful hair and beautiful skin with a scalp massage.

5 Effective method of scalp massage

Effective method of scalp massage

1. Massage using the first joint of the four fingers, the pad of the finger.

Effective method of scalp massage

2. Keep your fingers in close contact with the scalp and pull up on the scalp, never rubbing the scalp.

Effective method of scalp massage

3. Place your fingertips on your ears and pull up the skin from the bottom to the top, using the rhythm of “1, 2, 3” three times at each location.

After massaging one place, gradually move your finger toward the top of your head. Finally, massage until your fingers cross at the top of your head.

Effective method of scalp massage

4. Is your scalp moving? If it is done properly, the eyes will be raised like this.

Effective method of scalp massage

5. In the same way, massage from the hairline to the top of the head

The point is to move your fingers slowly as you breathe without exerting any force. Head massage will improve blood circulation in your head and make you feel refreshed, so please try it in your spare time.

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