5 Important Things Needed To Run a Surreal Gaming Stream At Home

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Last updated on September 26th, 2022 at 03:43 pm

The pandemic saw immense growth in gamers turned streamers. Not only modern games but some of the iconic releases of the previous year’s became the talk of the town. However, it was the internet and streaming services that became pivotal in the focus of everybody’s entertainment needs.

5 Important Things Needed To Run a Surreal Gaming Stream At Home

So, if you’re one of the streamers wanting to improve the overall streaming experience, then it’s time to look upon some important factors that would help achieve this. We’re sharing 5 important things that you should ponder upon for achieving a high level of streaming performance. 


Without further ado, let’s check these out now:

1. Good Internet Speed

One of the most important factors that contribute to a good streaming experience is a fast internet connection. Your internet connection is the foundation that allows you to rest your gaming and streaming performance without any worries.

However, most gamers don’t focus much on this and end up with a poor selection when it comes to internet plans or internet providers. You need to evaluate beforehand:

  • The devices connecting simultaneously to the internet
  • Potential games running on the internet
  • Quality of the stream running
  • Type of platforms integrating with the stream

This will make it easier to find the right amount of internet speed you need for your connection. As for the internet’s performance, we recommend Windstream internet because you can count on its reliability in terms of speed, low latency, and minimal disruptions.

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2. Gaming Setup

Apart from a good internet speed, you need to ensure that your gaming setup is up to the mark as well. Your gaming stream needs to be integrated into several platforms as well as with your device. The sheer pressure of the game you’re running, the high number of platforms you’re connecting to, and the a load of streaming live are quite high.

For that, you need to have a solid gaming setup that cannot only cater to these tasks but offer a good performance overall. That is why you need to ensure to put in thoughtful efforts so that you can arrange a reliable gaming setup.

Why? Because the quality of the stream is likely to be expected if your device isn’t running things smoothly. For instance, modern games require immense graphical and memory performance. If you’re running a stream alongside the game, it’s likely to consume immense

esources. If none’s left, the device (whether a PC or a laptop) won’t be able to accomplish primary tasks such as running the OS, etc.

That is why when you’re opting for an internet connection, you should be investing in a good gaming setup too. This would minimize the risk of crashing your device when you’re putting a high load on it.

3. Gaming Monitors

Yes, one large monitor is a good thing, as it’ll save you money and space. However, it’ll be distracting you from the game and potentially ruining the overall exposure of the game’s visuals with immense messages and popups during the stream.

Although it’s up to the streamer how they want to run their stream, still, professionals prefer keeping the stream on a different screen. It makes it easier for them to focus on the game and give a good show to the audience.

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Again, it depends upon the streamer; if they’re capable of playing the game alongside audience interactions, then it’s up to them. However, it’s encouraged to go for a separate screen to make the experience more interactive.

4. Streaming Peripherals

From a high-definition camera to a gaming headset, a gaming keyboard to a mouse, it’s important that your streaming peripherals are up to the mark. The reason why this matters is that it brings several benefits that will make your streaming better than before.

A good camera makes it easier for your audience to enjoy your gaming environment (discussed later) whilst enjoying the game. Streamers have to be live so that they can illustrate that they’re the ones playing.

In addition, a good headset and microphone are important for communication for in-game audiences and streaming audiences. You certainly don’t want to be mute during your stream because it’ll not bring an exciting streaming experience for the audience.

When you’re visible, the audience will be looking at the merchandise you’re equipped yourself with. That is why give them a good show with cool gaming equipment that will surely become a signature for you in the future.

5. The Environment

We mentioned earlier how visuals matter and how the audience will be looking at what equipment you’re using and how you play. However, there’s more to this than just the audience. Amongst the audience, are certain representatives of tech companies that often share their devices/ latest merchandise with the streamer for promotions.

For instance, before streaming your game, you can simply promote the gaming chair you’re using or the keyboard or any other device. The audience is likely to go for it based on the word of mouth from a professional streamer,  a.k.a you!

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That is why it’s recommended to have a separate streaming room so that you can customize it according to your needs. This will create an exciting portfolio for you and numerous viewers based on your signature streaming style will surely follow you.

Closing Thoughts

Streaming live is one of the amazing ventures of today that is paying off quite well for professional streamers. If you want to list yourself as one of these streamers, then it’s important to follow the abovementioned tips to improve your streaming performance. Given you should also be a pro at gaming so that you can earn a good deal of audience on your stream too.

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