5 learning environment that motivates children! 4 points and 1 mind

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I’m sure there are many parents who have such troubles. “My child isn’t motivated to study …” Perhaps the child’s lack of motivation is due to the learning environment at home. Today I would like to talk about five specific ways to motivate your child.

learning environment that motivates children
Living learning for children. It’s been said for a long time, but depending on how you do it, it may not be effective …

A learning environment that motivates children 1. Create a learning space in the living room

Living learning has been said for a long time. There are two significances for learning in the living room. The first is to keep the child in a place where parents can keep an eye on it and keep their concentration. The other is that parents can check their learning immediately.

However, simply blindly letting the child learn in the living room does not have much effect on learning.When you want to do living learning, you need to prepare properly .


First , secure a proper learning space thing. No one can feel good at a messy table that isn’t tidy. And if things are messed up, you’ll be distracted and unable to concentrate. Keep it as clean and tidy as when welcoming you.

Next, prepare furniture to store texts, notebooks, reference species, dictionaries, writing utensils, etc. let’s do it. It is not efficient to go to your room to get your study tools one by one. Living learning is temporary, so you don’t need to bring in elaborate furniture. I think a color box etc. is fine.

And, most importantly, eliminate the temptations of TV and games as much as possible .is needed. This will be discussed in detail in the following items.

A learning environment that motivates children 2. Eliminate all temptations such as TV and games

The biggest source of discouragement for children is the temptation of entertainment such as television and games. Few people can beat this. I also love movies, so when I write, I definitely stay away from the room with the DVD. Otherwise, you might end up watching a movie before you know it.

Some parents may say, “I work in the daytime, so I want you to relax at night.” This is a valid opinion. However, the children also go to school in the daytime and go to cram school in the evening, and are doing their best. This is a big deal because we are going to let them learn more at home.

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Even so, if parents are watching TV, they should feel that “adults are crazy” in their childhood. Naturally, the motivation for learning diminishes, the learning effect diminishes, and grades do not improve. It’s a vicious circle.

As a guardian of the examinee, I think you should put up with some entertainment with your child. It is unfair by any means to force only children to work. Please try to live a stoic life until the exam is over.

However, you don’t have to put up with everything. Children don’t, strangely, think they’re “playing”, even if adults read newspapers and magazines, and do hobby deco art and nail art. So instead of watching TV, you should spend more time on your hobbies. Why don’t you take this opportunity to discover your new self.

learning environment that motivates children3. Prepare pictorial books, encyclopedias, historical comics, etc.

“My child is in trouble because I don’t read at all.” However, I think that the reason why children stop reading is actually created by their parents.

Not only children but also human beings are vulnerable to temptation. If there is another B that is more attractive than the A that must be done, one will jump to B. I think it’s a tough demand to buy a drug-like entertainment for a child, such as a manga or a game, and to “read” the child.

Without manga and games at home, children will naturally read pictorial books and historical manga. It can’t be helped because there is only one thing to read. Moreover, if you read the same thing over and over again, you will be able to understand the content more and more, and you will be interested in it. That leads to the next curiosity and inquiry, and children are willing to read.

Instead of giving up from the beginning saying “I will not read it even if I buy it anyway”, let’s prepare it first. Then, if the temptation is gradually eliminated, the children will surely get a picture book or a separate encyclopedia. Of course, it may not change immediately, but since children are naturally curious creatures, if you do not put something with a strong stimulus that arouses your child’s curiosity around your child, you will naturally be interested in yourself. You should be interested.

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Learning environment that motivates children 4. Put memorized items in the bathroom

If you borrow a toilet from a tutor, you may come across a large number of various prints stuck on it so that you cannot see the color of the original wallpaper. At the same time as being very surprised, the examinees feel sympathy after being difficult.

By the way, how effective is this method of “pasting memorized items on the toilet”? Certainly, at first glance, the toilet seems to have spare time. But in reality, they haven’t stayed that long. According to the results of a questionnaire, the average time spent on the longer toilet is 4.8 minutes. Unfortunately, it seems that there is not much time to sit on the toilet and calm down, including the back and forth movements.

First, if there are a lot of study prints on the wall, the children will be calm and unable to use the toilet. It seems to be bad for your body, and you may not remember it by turning your eyes away.

My recommendation is the bathroom. In the bathroom, the paper sticks to the surface due to the humidity, so you don’t need tape and it doesn’t take much time. Also, since it is more relaxed than the toilet, you can have enough time to memorize it. Furthermore, it is very effective for memorizing because you can relax with the warm bath effect.

From today, let’s move everything on the toilet to the bathroom. If you don’t want your prints to be tattered, make a copy and use it. Then you don’t have to worry about it bleeding and becoming unreadable, and by the time the paper tears, you’ll probably have memorized items in your head.

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A Learning environment that motivates children 5. Always give a positive voice!

It is important to prepare a material environment such as 1 to 4, but after allDon’t forget to create a mental learning environment .

However, parents were frustrated when they saw their children’s learning, yelling loudly, “Study fast,” and negatively saying, “It’s very impossible to pass this.” I will do it.

But what about? Remember your childhood. I think there are few people who have had the experience of being full of motivation when their parents told them to study. Rather, he was discouraged and said, “I was thinking of doing it now. Oh, I’m not motivated.” History just repeats itself, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, children are rarely motivated by being told to “study” or “this is not acceptable”. If you understand that, you can see that negative voices are harmful and worthless. Please stop calling out even today.

Instead, I’ll praise you for anything I think it’s good. It doesn’t matter if it’s something other than studying. Please find something and praise it. If you are not good at complimenting, you can just put the other person’s actions into words. For example, if you get up early in the morning, please be surprised that you don’t get up very early! If the calculation problem is perfect, please be surprised that “all the calculation problems are correct!”. That alone will reach the other person’s heart.

Humans always have a ” need for approval “I have something like that. I live every day because I want someone to recognize me. Communicating the other person’s actions is the easiest way to satisfy this “need for approval”. Doing so gives the child a sense of self-affirmation. Children with a high sense of self-affirmation will be able to work positively on anything and will not be discouraged by some setbacks.

The cooperation of family members is indispensable for creating an environment that motivates children. Please do your best.

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