5 Points for Successful Marriage of Divorced Women

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Even those who have divorced and become divorced can remarriage by engaging in marriage. Also, by holding down a few points of marriage activity, the probability of remarriage will increase dramatically. I will tell you 5 Points for Successful Marriage of Divorced Women ! Please refer to it!

Five points for successful marriage of divorced women
What are the five points of marriage activity that make a successful woman?

How are divorced women getting married?

Many people who have divorced tend to be a little timid about marriage. I understand that I’m worried that even if I can remarriage, it will work, but if it escalate, even if I have a chance, I may not be willing to remarriage because I do not want to divorce again. .. Being too careful even if you get married again can also cause your marriage to go wrong.

On the other hand, there are some women who are overcoming negative feelings and are focusing on marriage activities. Not to mention marriage-hunting parties and speed dating, but recently, there are many women who are using marriage-hunting apps and online marriage-hunting. In addition, the services of restaurants such as “marriage bar” and “marriage izakaya” are increasing. Such shops are less formal than party venues, so the advantage is that you can participate relatively easily.


This is a divorced woman who uses various means to marry, but what kind of attitude should she have to marry? It’s not difficult to be prepared. Here are 5 Points for Successful Marriage of Divorced Women that will lead to a chance of remarriage by being aware of it.

1. Make the most of your past marriage experience

I think there are various reasons why I became divorced, but I think it’s common to say that I have been reluctant to reflect on my marriage before divorce. At the time of divorce, you should have wondered why your marriage didn’t go well, such as “I wondered if I was too noisy with a mess,” “I immediately doubted even a little thing,” and “I wondered if I wasn’t compassionate enough.” You might conclude that it wasn’t compatible with the other person, and some people might think that the other person wasn’t. In any case, you must first acknowledge what happened in the past.

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By the time you get divorced, you should have had a lot of experience, so it is important for a divorced woman to make use of this experience. That way, the next time you get to the same situation, you’ll be able to respond differently than in the past.

2. Time to tell the reason for the divorce

If the person you care about is divorced, you may be wondering why you got divorced, but don’t rush. Even if you want to ask why, if the other person is not open to you, they will only tell you the mundane reasons for divorce, such as “personality disagreement” and “monetary disagreement.”

If you are divorced, it is a good idea to first explain the reason for the divorce. This will make it easier for the other person to talk. I think the timing is good for the second or third date. At this point, we are opening our hearts to each other, and it becomes easier for us to want to know more about the other person.

When giving reasons for divorce, be careful not to blame the divorced person. For example, if you say something like “I threw it away because the other person was a bad guy who didn’t work as an affair man”, the person who heard it said, “I see, this woman wants to have an affair. I’m sure. “


  • He was a terrible man who was a spender and didn’t look after his family.
  • I was violent → I see, the more I want to hit, the more frustrating I am?
  • I wanted a child, but I didn’t have the ability to make a child.

So, it is often taken in a bad way.

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In short, by saying bad things about the other person, you can clearly see your faults. If you don’t have to say it, don’t say it as much as possible. This is important.

However, it is difficult to tell the reason for the divorce without saying anything about the divorced partner. At that time, let’s admit your fault. For example, I think it’s better to say, “I was also selfish. I’m completely remorseful now.”

3. “I want to be a full-time housewife” is a forbidden phrase

"I want to be a full-time housewife" is a forbidden phrase
“I want to be a full-time housewife” is a forbidden phrase

It seems that some people think of marriage as a “means for becoming a housewife,” but I would like to make it clear here. As long as you have this idea, you can think that you cannot get married.

Nowadays, there are not many households that can afford to have a wife as a full-time housewife. It is necessary for both husband and wife to work together to support the household budget. If you want to be a housewife, you have to marry someone who makes a lot of money. But such a high-income person should already be married to someone.

The phrase “getting married because you don’t want to work and you want to be a housewife” isn’t wrong.

4. Try to wear clothes that are not familiar to you

One thing that remarriage should be especially careful about is that it is “not familiar”. A “person with a family” can be thought of as “calm” in a good sense, but it tends to be more modest and less fashionable than a single person. Of course, there are individual differences, but if you want to get married, you need to be feminine and masculine.

Even if you get married again, you still have to have a feeling of excitement, so you need a certain sense of capacity. Therefore, do not neglect the minimum appearance check on a daily basis.

What are the clothes for a divorced woman to succeed in marriage?

When you marry, you need to be careful about your clothes. Modern clothes are fine, but you shouldn’t keep up with the trends. Avoid overexposed items and flashy designs, and choose clothes that look neat and elegant. The aim is to be an announcer. Also, even if you are a little older, it is not good for you to get a stain on your family. You should never be like a “mother”, so it’s best to wear clothes that show your body as much as possible. 

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By doing so, you will be able to care about your abdomen and correct your posture. In other words, your consciousness changes. Hiding your body shape is counterproductive, so it’s a good rule not to wear comfortable clothes for marriage. Choose shoes with heels. However, it is not good for the heel to be too high, so choose the one that suits you best.

It is also necessary to change one’s consciousness when marrying. As long as you go to a different place than usual, don’t spare your efforts to make it look beautiful.

5. Caring for children who are with their children or ex-wife

When you remarriage, you often have children, so be careful about your children first. It’s the same even if you’re in the middle of a marriage. Especially for women, the child between the other person and his ex-wife may be sick, but you need to be calm.

Also, remarriage does not mean that you can immediately become a “mother” or “father.” After all, it takes a certain amount of time for the child to be recognized as a “parent” for the remarriage partner, so there is no choice but to wait patiently. If you have a child with your remarriage partner, you tend to think of that child first, but it is important to be generous with other children in mind.

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