5 Words to Praise your Boss and Superiors!

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When complimenting your boss or superior, you can be rude if you make a mistake in choosing words or expressions. When you want to praise or express your respect, we will introduce NG compliments and compliments that you tend to use carelessly, as well as good paraphrase examples.

5 Words to Praise your Boss and Superiors!
I understand the compliments and feelings I want to praise to my superiors …

Sometimes I want to praise or respect my superiors when I am taken care of at work or when I am impressed by the actions of the other person.

The act of complimenting a person is not bad at all, but if the other person is superior, the act of complimenting can sound great if you make a mistake.


Let’s review what kind of words there are in the points of praise and praise for such superiors and paraphrase examples.

5 rude compliments when used for bosses and superiors

  1. It’s a connoisseur
  2. It’s a true selection / choice
  3. It’s really good
  4. It looks good
  5. You can do anything

Paraphrase example of compliment to boss / superior

1: It’s a connoisseur
It is an expression that is often heard when the other person wants to state that he / she is familiar with the knowledge of the field. In particular, it often refers to areas such as hobbies and arts.

However, for example, when I have a feast with a superior partner of a business partner, I feel that it seems to be a great thing to say, “It’s true that you are known as a sake connoisseur.”

It may be easier to convey expressions such as “I hear you are familiar” and “I am familiar with XX” in honorifics.

■ Paraphrase example
“I heard that you are a regular person,” “You are familiar with XX,” etc.

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2: It’s a true select / choice, isn’t it?
“As expected” expresses a feeling of excitement, but also expresses how impressed it is. This impressing point may be a little caught.

If it’s about “I’m really impressed”, I feel that the great impression of evaluating the other party by adding my own impressions and emotions will fade, but “It’s a true selection / choice.” I have the impression that it is a little too direct.

In other words, “select / choice” is sometimes in Japanese, and in honorifics.

■ Paraphrase example
“The XX you chose is perfect for XX …” etc. For example, if you chose sake, “I realized the wonderfulness of the combination with sake again.” “The compatibility with food is also important, isn’t it?”

3: You’re really good
First of all, regarding the word “amazing”, it expresses surprises and impressions such as being surprisingly extraordinary.

Also, the adjective “wow” is sometimes said to be “very busy” rather than “wow busy”, which can sometimes be a problem.

But lately, it’s sometimes used adverbially, like “great workmanship” or “he’s a great funny person.” It is said that it is used in a slightly new way, and opinions are divided, so it may be better to think that there are individual differences in how it is perceived.

Here, it is better to pay attention to the point that sounds great, rather than the correctness of how to use “wow”. In that sense, there are times when you are curious about how to say “good” or “good”.

Moreover, if the other person is superior or professional, “I’m good at this book (picture)” makes me feel like I’m evaluating a professional person. As in 2, it is preferable to state your impressions and impressions here.

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■ Paraphrase example
“It was wonderful, and I was fascinated by it.” “It would be nice if I could draw like this.”

4: “It looks good”
This should simply be replaced with honorifics.

■ Paraphrase example
“You look good on me,” “I always have a good taste, so it’s nice …” and so on.

5: You can do anything
This is not a mistake, but no matter how much you say “do” as “do”, the sound is profane. It’s an example like “You can play golf, too”, but if you use the honorific word “do” instead of “do”, the product will sound better.

■ Paraphrase example
“It’s nice to do anything,” “I’m envious of being able to do anything.”

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Rather than praising directly, it is recommended to “tell as your own impression”

Rather than praising directly, it is recommended to "tell as your own impression"
Let’s convey your “thoughts” according to the scene

In this way, it turns out that the act and words of complimenting superiors are unexpectedly difficult.

As I said at the beginning, the desire to praise the other person is not a bad thing. However, if the other person is superior, expressing one’s impressions and emotions will eventually lead to complimenting the other person as a euphemism, and that will be transmitted smartly without misunderstanding. prize.

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