6 Tips to reduce food waste, especially in the month of Ramadan

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There is no doubt that the month of Ramadan is a month – in which food is wasted in an exaggerated way. Know the tips to reduce food waste – all Muslims in all parts of the world await it, especially the Arab world and most Arab homes. You are preparing the holy month of Ramadan, especially the special part. With food, it is the month of generosity. Where all housewives are dedicated to making the best meals, feasts and weddings for her family, her family and her friends in that month, but sometimes it turns into a race in providing the most delicious food..

Tips to reduce food waste, especially in the month of Ramadan
Tips to reduce food waste, especially in the month of Ramadan

And therefore the result is sometimes the accumulation of food and then throwing it in the trash to get rid of the surplus. And it ends up wasting large amounts of food, which studies have estimated at about 4 and a half kilos of wasted food. For one person per day during the month of Ramadan.. In order to solve this problem, the recipe provides you with some tips and solutions to not waste and reduce the idea of ​​throwing the rest of the occasions and daily food in general in the trash.

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Here are some simple Tips to reduce food waste:

Cook small amounts of food:

You should always, my dear, cook small amounts of food according to the number of your family members. For example, if you are four people, make two cups of rice instead of cooking a whole kilo.. and the same thing when cooking vegetables. If you follow that. You will find that you save in the amount of food, then it will suffice for other days and accordingly in the budget instead of throwing the surplus in the trash.

Use the standard

In the case of making natural juices in your home, do not fill the blender jar completely with water. But set the standard for individual serving cups with the number of fruits required for the ideal consistency. For example, for strawberry juice, use the standard of a cup of water with four medium-sized strawberries.. Thus, you will save a lot in use and waste. Decide about your purchase of fruits, so that the purchase process is not random, but rather choose the fruits for juices. And what will be eaten and cut fresh so that the fate of half of its quantity is not the garbage can.

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Buy only what you need

Making a schedule for the week’s meals with the number of people and quantities of sweet and savory. It is the safest solution to wasting food, as the menu will help you buy only what you need.

The appropriate form of food storage

Each type of food has a method of storage, for example, there is something that must be washed and dried well and placed in the refrigerator, such as fruits and vegetables. So as not to be exposed to mold .. and tea and coffee. They should be placed in a place away from washing powders. And include spices, onions and garlic so as not to spoil their flavor. Meat, fish and poultry should be placed in the freezer. It should be away from frozen vegetables and frozen fruits so that they are not exposed to contamination. As for canned foods, you must read the storage instructions well, especially the temperature required for storage.

And when you put meat, poultry and fish in the freezer, divide it according to the number of meals and individuals. This will make it easier for you to disassemble it. For example, each person will need two pieces of pan or one medium-sized fish, and so on.


Do not throw away leftovers that are still edible, as there are many ideas for recycling leftover meals, soft fruits and bread. Such as adding the remaining meat and chicken to make pizza or shawarma and grinding the remaining bread to make new flour. And enter it into the work of pastries.

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Sharing food

If you make a feast for your family and leave it after you finish eating. You can share the rest of the food immediately with neighbors or friends in the form of small plates or even put them in bags or wrapped boxes and distribute them to those who need. Among the poor who do not have the price of it, sharing is the best way to reduce food waste.

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