7 Most Viral Open BO Applications In 2022, Not Only Michat!

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The open BO application or rather the abused dating application is now getting more and more choices. Not only getting acquainted, users also use it to open BO, gang.

In fact, the application used to open BO is indeed an ordinary chat application . However, many users have recently made it a self-promotion and online prostitution practice .

Call it the MiChat application, which is now known as the most frequently used BO application. But there are also several other applications that are also abused, you know.


What are these applications? We will review a series of open BO 2022 applications that are often used by online prostitutes . Come on, see the full review in the following article!

1. MiChat

7 Most Viral Open BO Applications In 2022, Not Only Michat!

MiChat ‘s popularity as a BO PSK 2022 application is not in doubt. In fact, this application has been downloaded by more than 50 million users worldwide, gang.

MICHAT PTE design application. LIMITED has the game “Message in a Bottle” which allows you to send anonymous messages to strangers via bottles that look as if they are floating in the ocean.

MiChat is also famous for its Message Tree feature. You can hang messages on the Message Tree hoping someone will pick up the message and get to know you.

Unfortunately, in the official version, these features have a usage limit, so it’s not surprising that many users are looking for MiChat MOD APK with the Unlimited Bottle feature.

Android minimal4.1+
Rating4.4/5.0 (Google Play Store)

Download here .

2. Badoo


Badoo is a social networking service based multilingual dating agency based in Soho, London, England. This platform operates in 180 countries including Indonesia.

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This application uses a location system so you will find people who are nearby. The simple interface makes it quite attractive to many users.

You can immediately choose which users catch your attention by simply swiping right or left. You can have fun chats via chat , exchange photos, and even video calls.

However, the Badoo application is also inseparable from the potential for abuse because it can be used as a medium for open BO. Moreover, this application has a feature that allows users to do ghosting .

Android minimal5.0+
Rating4.1/5.0 (Google Play Store)

Download here .

3. Tinder

Furthermore, there is a search application for BO besides MiChat, namely Tinder . This application also has a feature to match users or match and find people around.

In the Tinder app , you can simply swipe right to like and automatically send friend requests. You can also swipe left if you are not interested in a potential partner.

Besides being famous as a matchmaking application , Tinder is also often used by online prostitutes to attract philanderers.

Android minimal7.0+
Rating3.8/5.0 (Google Play Store)

Download here .

4. SayHi


Just like the application above, SayHi is actually a chat application that is quite popular. However, this application is misused to open BO by unscrupulous persons.

This application can detect the presence of users nearby and you can start a video call after finding them with the map in this application.

Due to the presence of these features, instead of being an application to find friends, SayHi is actually used as a dating booking application by many people.

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Android minimal4.4+
Rating4.3/5.0 (Google Play Store)

Download here .

5. BeeTalk


BeeTalk is a nearby friend find app that offers lots of interesting features to communicate with other users, including users who are near you.

In addition to detecting the presence of nearby users with an accuracy rate of almost 90 percent, you can also send text, voice, and even video messages to your friends.

Because it is easy to use, it is not surprising that many cases of online prostitution are carried out through BeeTalk. Moreover, this application has a motto to find a mate and date.

DeveloperRexT Digital
Android minimal4.4
Rating4.2/5.0 (Google Play Store)

Download here .

6. Tantan


Lastly, there is Tantan which uses a swipe and match system and allows two users to start a conversation when they like each other.

Interestingly, you can also create a status on your profile like on social media applications . Later, you can also see the number of users who like your profile.

In addition, you can choose the hobbies and interests that you like to display on your profile. That way, you can meet new friends who have similar hobbies in the Tantan application .

DeveloperTantan Hong Kong Limited
Android minimal5.0+
Rating4.3/5.0 (Google Play Store)

Download here .

7. Contact

Acquaintance is one of the open BO applications that is quite widely used lately, gang. The concept is similar to Tantan, which is to find out other people’s profiles and bios.

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Just scroll through the selection of the friend you want to find, then press Like if you are interested and want to chat with that person.

Although this application is still relatively new, Contacts already has quite a lot of users, you know. So you can easily find other users who match your criteria.

Android minimal6.0+
Rating4.5/5.0 (Google Play Store)

Download here .

Open BO 2022 Application List

  • MiChat
  • Badoo
  • Tinder
  • SayHi
  • BeeTalk
  • challenge
  • Contact

The final word

So it’s clear, right, that the open BO application is not only MiChat? From this it was discovered that there were several other social networking services that were also misused for online prostitution , gangs.

No exception for Twitter users who often look for friends to date through hashtags that are often trending in the morning, surely they will end up targeting the row of applications above.

However, considering that it is an ordinary chat application , it is not impossible for those who remain stubborn to be banned from the developer, you know.

So We advice, it’s better to stay away from things like this, okay? You can use a number of these applications, but only for the purpose of sending messages or as a matchmaking application . Okay?

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