MCU: 7 Unpopular Opinions About Valkyrie According To Reddit

MCU: 7 Unpopular Opinions About Valkyrie According To Reddit
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Valkyrie has become one of the hottest newest Marvel movie characters, but that doesn’t stop people from having unpopular opinions about her.

MCU: 7 Unpopular Opinions About Valkyrie According To Reddit

With Thor: Love and Thunder set to soon hit theaters everywhere, Marvel fans will be delighted to see Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Korg, Jane Foster, and Valkyrie again for the first time since. Avengers: Endgame . These characters are deeply loved by fans, and Valkyrie is no exception.

Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie is one of the most popular new MCU characters. Although she is very widely loved and appreciated, some fans on Reddit have very unpopular opinions about her character and her role in the MCU.


7 Valkyrie Being King Has No Meaning

At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Thor hands the cloak of King Asgard over to the Valkyrie. This development was certainly unexpected, but most fans liked this change, saying Valkyrie was the perfect choice for the ruler, especially since Thor seems to prefer the other. Aside from that, Valkyrie embarks on a mission to find the queen and assumes the previously exclusively masculine Asgardian role, which is very encouraging. Because she redefines what a “king” is and inspires girls everywhere. Most Marvel fans are delighted to see Valkyrie as her king, but some claim she makes the title absurd and is actually more misogynistic.

Jonos Spader: “I honestly don’t understand why she’s called king… Basically, a queen can’t be as powerful as a king, so she thinks it’s much more sexist not to give her the title of queen. Therefore, we cannot call her her queen. This Redditor offers a good argument, but most disagree with this view, choosing instead to get excited and praise the lordship of the Valkyrie as progressive and powerful.

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6 She Must Get Her Own Show

Valkyrie has joined the MCU since 2017, making her debut with Taika Waitit. Thor: Ragnarok . Since then, she has appeared in Avengers: Endgame (briefly) and she has appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder . She has quickly risen from secondary character to protagonist, and audiences around the world are eager to see how her journey as King evolves and praises Jane Foster’s Thor.

Valkyrie will play an important role in the upcoming Thor movie, but some fans insist she should bring her own show instead. Nashetania “I want a series that focuses on reliving the trauma of losing her sister and her past as a general with the king of Asgard, the Valkyrie.”

5 She Shouldn’t Be a Hero

She clearly started out as an anti-hero, but Valkyrie grows into a superhero over time, working alongside the Avengers. Avengers: Endgame . A lot has changed since she was enslaved in Sakaar, and Thor made her king of Asgard. Most fans love Valkyrie, but some argue that Valkyrie shouldn’t be a hero because of her past.

Redeemer Jeweler “Why does everyone seem to forget that the Valkyries were slaves? She kidnapped people for years, sold them to dictators, watched them fight to the death and showed no remorse… But everyone is cold to her. Is she the king of Asgard?” It’s true that Valkyrie’s dark past is veiled, but most fans agree that she deserves the role of her hero, despite her bad deeds. Most superheroes have tiled violent pasts, and the Valkyrie is no exception.

4 She Must Prove That She Is Worthy

Although they are certainly related, the roles of King of Asgard and Thor are quite different. Thor’s hammer Mjolnir can only be wielded by those of great value. Although she is now king of Asgard, the Valkyrie never tried to take Mjölnir, and most people believe that being worthy is not a necessary condition to rule Asgard. However, some Redditors think it should.

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Editor William Franz “I am convinced that the king cannot hand over the throne to anyone… Thor’s Hammer was a key plot point for the movie, The Age of ULTRON and, of course, the final stage in the arc of Captain America . Make it part of Valkyrie’s favor.” This would be an interesting idea, but most fans don’t think Valkyrie needs “worth it”. Because that’s the arc Thor has to go through, not her. They are different. message.

3 She shouldn’t be a leader

In a new phase of the MCU, the original superheroes and Avengers are slowly retiring and new characters are taking over. The character Valkyrie introduced in Thor: Ragnarok , will move into a new and larger leadership role in the fourth Thor film. That said, some fans think the Valkyrie will make it and already become a terrible leader.

Tristianity7670 “She never seems to have been moved by the thoughts of the people of Asgard in peril, nor does she seem to regret all the people she killed in Sakaar… Who can think of her as her leader? “Valkyrie has certainly done terrible things in the past, but most fans agree that she could be a great leader and king of Asgard because of her tough and tough personality.

2 Valkyrie x Carol Ships are scary

Valkyrie is technically the first LGBTQ+ protagonist in the MCU. Although there was little awareness of her sexuality in the film, she is formally bisexual. This will probably be explored in the next section. Thor: Love and Thunder . Ever since she entered the MCU, her fans have bought Valkyrie alongside Captain Marvel known as Carol Danvers. Tessa Thompson and Bri Larson are good friends in real life, are very aware of ships, are huge fans of the ships themselves, and have publicly endorsed them on several occasions. source ). Many fans want Valkyrie and Carol to be together, but some argue that the spaceship makes no sense.

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This editor “I also didn’t see any compatibility between them… I much prefer that they have a loving interest in their story. Valkyrie and Jane would be nice, because I think Valkyrie is the muscle and Jane the brain. Interesting dynamics for romance.” It may not have much in common, but the chemistry between Thompson and Larson makes most people want to see the relationship between the two characters. They will definitely be a fun romantic couple on the screen.

1 Tessa Thompson Is A Horrible Actress

Valkyrie quickly became a popular character, especially with young girls. Strong, tough and outrageous, she’s fun to see on screen, especially when she represents women, people of color and the LGBTQ+ community. Actress Tessa Thompson, who plays Valkyrie, also has a large fan base, with fans praising her performance. On the other hand, there are fans who claim that she is a bad actress and doesn’t suit her character.

Tosawi “Tessa Thompson is a terrible actress. After seeing her terrible acting skills in Westworld and Thor Ragnarok, I still don’t know how Hollywood is casting Tessa Thompson.” This is a very unpopular opinion as Valkyrie has become a very popular character and Tesa Thompson also gained fame and popularity through this role.

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