8 Signs of Suicide that should not be Overlooked

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Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 12:05 pm

I became depressed due to the depth of my worries, and I was trapped in suicidal ideation and suicidal ideation. What kind of words and deeds can we notice and reach out to when a loved one is thinking about suicide? I will explain the important things to remember so that you will be discouraged.

8 Signs of Suicide that should not be Overlooked
It’s also important to think about whether strong stress has affected your thinking and whether you may have depression, etc., before you think that your worries are so great that you will die.

Suicide that causes a lot of stress and worries and makes you think from the state of depression

There are sometimes various problems in our lives. I can’t solve it myself, I can’t find a way to solve my worries … When we are in serious trouble, we may sometimes lose the confidence to live.


If the problem you are having is too big, you may get caught up in the feeling that you want to die. These thoughts are exposed to intense stress and are more likely to occur in the process of aggravating the depressive state.

If this situation continues, it will be difficult to make rational and realistic decisions, even for those who can usually switch their minds immediately. Then, in the end, other than the solution of “killing oneself”, it may not come to mind….

Are there any signs or signs seen by those who want to commit suicide?

The fact that people close to you are thinking about suicide is very painful for your family and others. Therefore, they often behave as usual without worrying about their surroundings. However, people close to you, such as your family and partners, may be thinking, “If there is a sign of suicide, I want to be aware of it as soon as possible.”

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8 Signs of Suicide

People who think of suicide usually give some sign in their lives. For example, it is important to check if you see the following 8 Signs of Suicide.

  • 1.  The number of remarks that always blame me and desperate remarks has increased
    Have you said words like “I should be gone” and “Nothing good can happen in the future”?
  • 2.  I’m feeling very sick in the morning
    Do you feel like you can’t get up at your usual time, you can’t eat the breakfast you used to eat, or you start to hate the morning TV shows you watched before?
  • 3.  Recently, there was a life event that led to stress
    Was there a big life event such as bereavement or separation from a close person, divorce, marriage, employment, promotion, demotion, transfer, retirement, moving, childbirth?
  • 4.  I’m still feeling sick
    Doesn’t it seem that you are suffering from a chronic illness or that you continue to have problems peculiar to menopause and old age?
  • 5.  I don’t want to meet my family
    Isn’t it awkward to stay in your room or bedroom and talk to your family?
  • 6. Suicide attempt in the past
    Since suicide attempts may be repeated, have there been any suicide attempts in the past?
  • 7. Organize your surroundings
    Have you thrown away your precious things, letters and photos?
  • 8. No appetite Is
    the amount of food you eat extremely low?

What to do if there are signs of suicide ・ How to deal with

As mentioned above, it is difficult to change your thinking just in your own mind if you get caught up in the thoughts of “I want to commit suicide” and “I have no choice but to commit suicide”. Therefore, it is very important to support people close to you.

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If you have been depressed recently and feel the above signs / signs, watch the person’s behavior carefully. and The important thing is to see a psychiatrist as soon as possible and start treatment.is. When you go to the clinic, your family and partners will accompany you to check what you know as a supporter and how to take prescription drugs.

Suicidal ideation needs attention even when it is about to recover

In particular, it is said that the risk of suicide is higher when the person is about to recover from the worst feelings. By the time you return to your normal pace of life from medical treatment, you will be rushed to say, “I want to be myself as usual as soon as possible.” At such times, it is important to support people so that they can recover slowly without putting pressure on them, such as “Let’s do our best” and “I hope we can return to the original pace quickly”.

If the time to return is too early, or if the support system after returning is not in place and the original performance is suddenly required, recovery may not be successful... As a result, you may suddenly feel desperate and think, “I can’t do it. It’s hard to live anymore.”

Therefore, it is important that the person, family, or partner has a meeting with the key person (boss, teacher, etc.) to return to. It is recommended that you discuss with your returnee how to reduce the burden after returning and gradually increase what you can do, such as reducing quotas, reducing labor and attendance time, and considering relationships.

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