A meaningful way of spending GW that rich people think

A meaningful way of spending GW that rich people think
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Last updated on May 3rd, 2022 at 06:31 pm

I basically try to live a contrarian life. As the number of people in GW in 2020 and 2021 decreased in Corona, my family enjoyed traveling by taking measures against infection. And how do you plan to spend 2022?

We received a question about “the meaningful way of spending GW (Golden Week) in the following Corona disaster”. As I introduced in this column, ” Why a rich person spends a long holiday” working “” , I basically try to live a contrarian life. Therefore, I would like to introduce how to spend Golden Week at my home from a slightly different point of view.


Extraordinary experience, original experience using the five senses

As long as there is no school or company and it is a “coordinated vacation”, our Golden Week holidays are “extraordinary experiences” that take full advantage of the benefits of “experiences that cannot be done on regular weekends or consecutive holidays.” Of course, I do not deny the idea of ​​”relaxing at home”, but after all, the brain is activated by being exposed to various stimuli that are different from usual.

Wealthy people like to travel because they unknowingly realize the benefits of being freed from the usual shackles, being blessed with new ideas and ideas, and refreshing their mood. If you live a one-pattern life that only goes back and forth between your house and your office, your ideas will be fixed.

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I would like you to know that especially families with small children have the potential to “build a foundation for further growth” with a wide variety of experiences and the abundance of original experiences that can be obtained using the five senses.

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Looking at the past of successful and prominent entrepreneurs, many spend their childhood playing naughty outside. I am afraid that withdrawing from this precious childhood, when the brain develops greatly, may be a hindrance to healthy development.

Don’t go out for Golden Week in 2022, enjoy it nearby

I traveled to Izu in early April 2022, but I left on Sunday afternoon because there was no school during the spring holidays. The Tomei Expressway and Odawara Atsugi Road where we ran were vacant, but there was a long and long traffic jam on the other side, that is, in the up direction. On Sunday afternoon (or the last day of the holidays), I felt that the highway heading toward the city center had returned to a state of heavy traffic.

And this gave me a certainty. Finally, the corona-related regulations and restrictions have been lifted, and it has become possible to move freely. Since I have been forced to stand up for a long time, I think that more people will travel as revenge consumption.

However, there is a period of isolation for overseas travel, and there are still concerns, so this year’s GW will be revived for domestic travel, and heavy traffic may occur on highways here and there. The price of the hotel will be high and it will probably be crowded so it is expected to be dense.

Therefore, this year’s GW is planning to combine outdoor activities (camping, BBQ, athletics, etc.) in the vicinity with leisure activities that can be reached by train. I feel that the act of “waiting” and “lining up” is a waste of time, that is, a waste of life, and I can’t stand the crowd.

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A meaningful way of spending GW that rich people think
How will you spend Golden Week in 2022?

Think for yourself and act responsibly

Some may have felt that “I’m going out when Corona isn’t over yet …”. However, I want you to be a little calm and think about it.

Many people tend not to question or criticize the media or government reports, but imagine each position in which information is disseminated once. Then you can see a different side.

Many successful people do not take the media and government announcements for granted, but always have a critical perspective, think with full rotation of their brains, and act at their own risk. Isn’t it necessary to have this kind of thinking and attitude in order to survive in the coming era?

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