Age of Discovery Origin: officially released in the third quarter of this year

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Line Games has released the official service schedule and development progress through a notice from Lee Ik-gyu, director of Origins of the Age of Exploration. According to this, Origin of the Age of Discovery will be in early access in English version at the end of May in a small number of overseas countries, and will start service in Korea in the third quarter of this year. However, early access is not available in Korea.

Age of Discovery Origin

Origin of the Age of Oceans and Oceans has conducted CBT twice after releasing a prototype video at the 2018 LPG event. Currently, the finishing game improvement work is being made based on the various feedbacks obtained in this process, and depending on the situation, we plan to continuously improve the problem even after the service.

Meanwhile, Age of Discovery Origin will be serviced as a global one-build service after the start of service in Korea. Therefore, it is judged that it is necessary to verify the overseas operating environment, various cultural factors, and foreign language support, and early access will be conducted overseas for the English version at the end of May.


Early access verifies content and systems improved after CBT, and supports PC, mobile play and cross-platform like the second CBT. After stabilization is achieved through overseas early access, the Korean service is expected to start in the third quarter of this year.

Director Lee Duk-gyu said, “Starting the service is just the first step, and we plan to make a game that can be enjoyed for a long time by collecting various opinions. .

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