Apex Legends: When does season 13 end and season 14 start?

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Seasonal releases of Apex Legends often work like clockwork, so fans already know when to anticipate the end of season 13/the beginning of season 14.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends season 13 is almost coming to an end and, like many before, there have been ups and downs. Newcastle may not be the most meta-defining character, but his knowledge and build have been well-received by many. There were events and great moments in the community, but there were also many downsides.

Especially for Xbox users, there have been no-hit registration issues, and some fans are so fed up with the game’s tech issues that some want to protest. From the Apex Legends “No Apex August” workout. Whatever happens, the game will keep moving forward and season 14 is not far away.


Apex Legends Season 13 End Time

Apex Legends season 14’s start time hasn’t been officially announced yet, but usually not until a week or two before launch. However, each season plays the same way, making it very easy to keep track of. According to Battle Pass, season 13 ends on August 8th.

Apex Legends Season 14 Start Time

It is based on a common pattern, except for delays. Apex Legends ), season 14 starts on the same day. The new season update will start at 10 AM PT/12 PM Central Time as usual, and fans will have access to the new content. It means fans who haven’t finished it yet. The Apex Legends Season 13 Battle Pass is 2 weeks and 3 days away as of this writing. In particular, while many will likely have already completed it, those who fall behind at this point have tons of challenges that will help them level up.

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It remains to be seen what will come out next season, but this is what many fans currently know about teatime. Over the past season, character hints have popped up in-game and throughout the official Respawn Entertainment media. The character seems to be joking. Apex Legends Season 14 has already started.

The official Apex Legends Twitter account posted some sort of diary of an unknown character, as seen above. Fans reading it can infer a few details about the character, but perhaps the most interesting information is in the captions. “You have to keep yourself busy when you’re one of only two people on the planet.”

Apex Legends is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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