Apple bans the sale of iPhones in this country and receives a heavy fine

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Apple is now banned from Brazil, and can no longer sell iPhones.

Just a few days before the release of the iPhone 14, Apple has just suffered a huge setback: the Brazilian Ministry of Justice has simply banned the sale of the brand’s phones in the country. The announcement is unexpected, especially since it does not come alone.

Apple bans the sale of iPhones in this country and receives a heavy fine

Why Apple can no longer sell its iPhones in Brazil?

The reason for the banishment of Apple on Brazilian territory is not a secret: for a few years now, the brand has removed headphones and chargers from its iPhones, officially for ecological reasons. In Brazil as elsewhere, the American brand now refuses to sell its iPhones with a charger. A situation that does not please the country’s legislators at all. In addition to the sales ban, the government of Jair Bolsonaro also imposed a fine of $2.3 million on GAFAM . It doesn’t seem like much, but that penalty is for every day Apple breaks local law by refusing to include chargers with its phones.


Can France make a similar decision?

The announcement obviously comes at the worst time, as the web giant prepares to present its iPhone 14 . Brazil may not be the Apple’s main market, but the country still represents a major shortfall. Obviously, Apple will probably not reconsider its decision on a global scale. Whatever one says on the marketing and commercial level , the removal of the charger from the iPhone remains good news on the ecological level.

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The simplest solution would probably be to make an exception for Brazil. France has already bent the web giant on a similar subject, forcing it to integrate headphones into the packaging of its smartphones. After complicated negotiations, the company was finally forced to bow to pressure from French regulators.

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