Aspel SAE: Communication error with the ringing service

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The communication error with the stamp service in Aspel systems (SAE, Caja, Invoice) may be due to several reasons. First we must understand that it is very difficult for it to be from the system itself, since as you mention it is a communication error.

Aspel SAE: Communication error with the ringing service
Steps to solve the communication error message with the ringing service in Aspel systems

Check the following:

Internet service: although it seems obvious, check if you have an Internet connection.

  1. srvEje.ini file : It is a file that is found in the installation directory and should not have any IP address, if it does, delete it. The installation directory is: c:program files\aspel\etc
  2. Hosts file: It is a file of the Internet connection, when we have viruses or malware on our PC, this file may have content that makes the connection to the Internet service not work properly. This file must not have any IP without commenting, if it has any check if it is not your configuration of some other program, if you are sure that you do not have another program by which this file should have been modified, then just comment at the beginning of the line with the # symbol, save and done. You can find the hosts file in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\
  3. Firewall: check if the windows or antivirus firewall is not turned on or if it is properly configured so that the Aspel system can work perfectly. To test it, simply turn it off and try to connect to the ringing service.
  4. Internet Explorer: Enable Work Offline, this option comes in File -> Work Offline (must have check mark). To open the File option, this is done by simply pressing ALT+A within the Internet Explorer program. By enabling working offline, it does not interfere with your browsing on Internet sites.
  5. Modem-Router: Reboot your modem or return it to the initial settings if you moved any port settings. Restarting the Internet service will give your connection a new IP which can fix the error.
  6.  DNS: If in any case there is a problem with the DNS you can change them to the google DNS by assigning the primary dns: and secondary dns: You can do this on your computer’s network connection or directly on the modem by assigning these dns to them.
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I am sure that by checking all this you will have found the solution, it is not necessary to reinstall the system, or format, or any reinstall able, etc. it is only to check the Internet service works correctly.

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