Basic Gardening tools Necessary for Gardening | How to choose

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Last updated on December 17th, 2022 at 02:01 pm

Basic gardening tools for beginners, such as shovels, hoses, and pots according to the size of the plant. A recommended gardening tool that is not essential but convenient and improves work efficiency. Introducing gardening tools necessary for gardening and how to choose them, such as tools related to soil and tools related to garden work.

Basic gardening tools

Basic Gardening tools Necessary for Gardening

■ Shovel scoop

Shovel and scoop may be called in the opposite way depending on the region, but the shovel here is a kind called “transplanting iron” and this gardening tool a necessary item for gardening. There are two types of shovels, one with a wide sword tip and the other with a slender tip, but the one with a wide sword tip can be widely used for digging up soil and planting plants. On the other hand, the slender one is convenient for replanting potted plants.


As for how to choose, we will carefully examine the ones with a solid base of the handle, the ones with a good grip, and the ones that are not too heavy. The price may vary depending on the material, but it may be cheap at first.

If you have a garden, I definitely want to have a shovel ready. To choose, actually hold it and check the grip and weight of the grip. Also, consider how to put your foot on the shoulder of the blade and dig it tightly, and examine whether the length of the handle fits your body.

■ Watering cans and horses

Watering cans and horses

There are many types of watering cans as well as shovels, but it is convenient to have one watering can with a removable lotus mouth. This is because when watering a large area, the lotus mouth is attached, and when watering is concentrated in a narrow space such as a pot, the lotus mouth is removed. Also, by switching the direction of the lotus mouth from upward to downward, the area around the water will change. The capacity is generally from 3 liters to 6 liters, but you should consult with the area of ​​the garden and your strength when choosing.

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If your house has a large garden or a watering can is inefficient, prepare a watering hose. It is convenient to switch the watering pattern at hand, such as shower, mist, and watering can. It can be used not only for gardening, but also for water sprinkling and car washing in the summer. The sprinkler hose with a reel will be convenient to carry and store. Please choose according to your budget.

For pots and indoor foliage plants, it is advisable to have a narrow-mouthed jug or a spray bottle. There are various colors and designs, so if you arrange them according to your interior and taste, gardening will be even more fun.

■ Scissors


Scissors are a tool that is often used for cutting plant stems, cutting plastic bags for soil, and cutting binding strings. Cheap scissors for chores such as cutting bags and strings can be used, but prepare special scissors for cutting plants.

It is convenient to prepare one versatile item sold under the names such as “gardening scissors” and “gardening scissors”. The price is around 1000 yen to 2000 yen. The blades are made of stainless steel, which is easy to maintain, and the grips are coated with hand-friendly rubber and vinyl.

If you have a garden tree and you do the pruning work yourself, you will also need pruning shears, pruning shears, and a pruning saw. The points of selection are common to all, so make sure to check the grip and weight before purchasing.

■ Pots

Pots are a must-have item because they are used for group planting and raising seedlings even in homes with a garden. When choosing a pot, the material, shape, size, etc. are important points, but choose according to the purpose and application.

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■ Gardening gloves

Gardening gloves
Gardening gloves

Since gardening involves playing with the soil, I would like to prepare gardening gloves as well. When digging up the soil, it is convenient to prepare several types of gloves, such as work gloves and rubberized gloves, leather gloves for attracting vine roses, and thin rubber and nitrile gloves for group planting. Various types are available at home centers.

■ Wear

If you have an apron, awning hat, gardening shoes, etc. to wear, you can work without worrying about dirt. Aprons come in a variety of designs, including those with many pockets and those with a vinyl coating. You can use a straw hat or a UV-processed hat that blocks the UV rays you care about. However, it is a must-have item in the summer to prevent sunstroke. You can use boots at your feet or deck shoes that are easy to wear for the garden.

Recommended gardening supplies

Since gardening work is diverse, the tools required will change depending on the situation. In some cases, you can make do with only the basic tools listed above, but in some cases, preparing a new tool can improve work efficiency. Please refer to the list of such “useful” tools below.

Recommended gardening supplies

■ Soil-related tools
Garden sheets (gardening sheets), rakes, acidity measuring instruments, soil containers, bulb planters, tweezers, flues, shovel sets for group planting, rakes, etc.

■ Tools related to garden work
Gardening carts, step stands , Mowing rakes, mowing machines, grass collecting bags, high-branch shears, atomizers, hedge trimmers, etc.

In addition, there are rainwater tanks, automatic irrigation equipment, garden shredders, conposters, etc.

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There are many gardening tools, but let’s arrange them little by little according to your gardening style and the size of your garden. In addition, these tools are important “friends” who will be gardening together from now on. I want to take good care of it after use and have a long relationship with it.

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