Best build for Tighnari’s in Genshin Impact Dendro character

ighnari's in Genshin Impact Dendro character
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Tighnari is one of Dendro’s first playable characters in Genshin Impact. He is an archer who draws his power from the last Dendro element of the game. HoYoverse did not reveal much information about Tighnari. He is one of three new characters that arrived with the Sumeru update and is also the head of the Avidya forest rangers. With a particular skill set, it’s best to consult a build guide for it.

Best build for Tighnari's in Genshin Impact Dendro character

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Tighnari’s best build in Genshin Impact

Tighnari shines with all characters possessing the Electro element. The build mainly focuses on increasing its damage and keeping things simple.

Best Weapons

  • hunter’s path
  • Aqua Simulacrum
  • North Star
  • thunder pulse
  • celestial harp

The weapons listed above correspond to Tighnari and its gameplay. Hunter’s Path is the best weapon for him. It greatly increases its charged attacks and also provides elemental mastery stats. You will also get a bonus crit rate. Besides Hunter’s Path, we have listed four other weapons that you can use well with the Genshin Impact character.


Artifact set

  • 4pc Golden Dreams
  • 4 pieces Deepwood Memories

Players use the 4pc Gilded Dreams extensively with many characters in Genshin Impact. However, it is also very good for Tighnari. Activating the 4pc Gilded Dreams instantly grants the character Dendro up to 150 Elemental Mastery. This will add up when Dendro reacts with Electro.

4pc Deepwood Memories is also a great option for Tighnari. This will increase the character’s damage percentage. It will also reduce the enemy’s damage resistance by 30%.

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Main Artifact Stats

  • Watch: Elemental Mastery/ATK
  • Goblet: Dendro Damage Bonus
  • Circle: Critical Damage / Elemental Mastery

It is best to have Elemental Mastery/Critical Damage/Dendro as main stats for Tighnari in Genshin Impact. The character primarily gets a lot of their damage from Elemental Mastery and those stats will synergize nicely with their weapons.

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