Best way to wash blankets at home at the lowest cost

Are you looking for best way to wash blankets at home at the lowest cost? In this article, we will talk about the periodic cleaning process for blankets, quilts, and heavy bedspreads, and also the process of washing and cleaning deeply with the end of the winter season and how to wash them in ways that make them softer and the best smell that lasts throughout the storage period

Best way to wash blankets at home at the lowest cost
Best way to wash blankets at home at the lowest cost

In the winter season, heavy-weight bedspreads, quilts and blankets are often used in this freezing cold. During this period of the year, the blankets must be washed once or twice at most, once during the season and the last before saving them and storing them for the winter of next year. and with a fresh smell for the next year

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Best way to wash blankets at home at the lowest cost

First of all, you should follow these notes :

  • Choose a day that is sunny and does not have a nucleus of dust and soil it
  • Do not wash all bedspreads and blankets at the same time, but twice after the first part of the blankets has dried completely.
  • Start washing the second part, such as the sheets, bedspreads, and quilts, because heavy bedding takes time in the drying process, and you still need to use them.

Here are the easiest ways to periodically clean and sterilize heavy bedding, blankets and quilts

During the winter season, you must carry out a periodic cleaning and sterilization of winter covers in an easy and simple way, especially after colds occur in a family member or dirt from the hands of children and the presence of dust and dirt or when an unpleasant smell is attached to the covers with the lack of good ventilation of the furnishings, covers and blankets

You can use a soft brush and a deep bowl of warm water with a little upholstery cleaning shampoo, put the fabric softener and the blanket sterilizer, and spread the blankets first and use the brush with a little mixture and start a light cleaning process, then put it on the ropes or in a well-ventilated place after it is completely dry, start repeating the same The steps with the quilt, then the covers, and so on

The first method in the process of deep cleaning before storing all the heavy covers with the end of the winter season

  • The common method: Fill the bathtub with warm water first, then add the powder and fabric softener, add the clothes sanitizer, and then soak the blanket for an hour or more, according to your observation, if it shows signs of loosening tough stains.
  • Then scrub it from all sides using a brush designated for upholstery in order to maintain the integrity and quality of your furniture for several years as new.
  • Then open the bathtub sink lid to get rid of the dirty water completely
  • Start by opening the running water without placing the bathtub stopper to get rid of the powder and the dirty water completely and leave it until it drains completely in the bathtub
  • Put the blocker again and fill the bathtub again. With clean water on the blanket, put a cup of upholstery sanitizer, a cup of fabric softener, and a cup of upholstery freshener.
  • Leave them for an hour until they absorb well from this mixture, then remove the rust and leave it to drain completely
  • Then spread it in the sun to dry completely and do not leave it for a long time more than required, so that it retains its aroma and softness for a long time.

The second way to wash blankets

It is more suitable for blankets that are very heavy in weight

  • Bring a bowl of warm water and washing powder. It is preferable to use a gel powder, as it is better in this method than powder, with the addition of fabric softener, sterilizer, and perfume. Like the above mixture
  • Then bring a soft sponge or brush and another bowl of clean lukewarm water without any additives
  • Lay the entire blanket on the bed or on a clean mattress on the floor. Start cleaning it with a brush dampened with water and the mixture. Every part you clean, dry it directly with a clean dry cloth such as a towel.
  • Then wet it with clean water and wipe it again to get rid of the effects of the mixture, and so on with the entire blanket parts
  • Then put the blanket in the sun for as long as possible
  • You can repeat the previous steps with heavy winter mattresses, which are difficult to put in the washing machine
  • Be careful not to add chlorine so as not to change the color of the upholstery
  • Avoid squeezing too hard, as it will damage the upholstery fabric
  • Just squeeze them while squeezing and let them air dry in the sun