How do you know if you are blocked on WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp does not make it clear if one of your contacts is blocking you. However, there are techniques for knowing the state of your relations with your contacts, which we will detail in this tutorial.

blocked on WhatsApp?

Like all social networks or instant messaging services, WhatsApp allows you to block contacts. The latter then no longer have access to your information and if their messages are sent, they will never be delivered to the smartphone.

If it’s convenient to avoid being annoyed, the blocked person is not informed of their new status and therefore finds themselves faced with a wall of silence. We are going to detail the bundles of clues that can inform you that you have been blocked.


How do you know if you are blocked on WhatsApp?

Although WhatsApp doesn’t explicitly state if you’ve been blocked, it’s pretty straightforward to guess if that’s the case. It must be said that many clues are available. Here are the most obvious:

  1. Your contact is ignoring all of your messages and has, in all likelihood, ceased all communication.
  2. Your messages appear as sent, but have not been delivered or read (a single gray check mark).
  3. You cannot invite him to a private chat.
  4. You no longer see their profile picture appear, replaced by a generic gray icon.
  5. His WhatsApp status is blank. Note that when a WhatsApp status is out of date, the message displayed is  Hi! I use WhatsApp .
  6. You no longer have access to the ”  Seen at  ” or ”  Online  ” indications at the top of your WhatsApp conversation.
  7. Your calls are left unanswered.
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That should be enough to tell you if you’ve been blocked or not. If this is the case, we can only advise you not to insist.

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