Charles at Rock Werchter 2022: a crazy moment

Charles. Rock Werchter 2022. Mathieu Golinvaux.
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A last-minute guest at Rock Werchter, French-speaking Charles dazzled the audience on Friday July 1st. Big crush.

Charles at Rock Werchter 2022
Charles Werchter 2022. Mathieu Golinvaux.

Before a busy summer of festivals (Francofolies in Luxembourg last June, Francofolies in Spa , Francofolies in Reunion, Ronquières Festival , Fly Away in Sicily), Charles had planned a break this weekend. This Friday, July 1, the French-speaking singer had to see a friend, go for a drink, chill. And then…

“I learned the news Tuesday evening at midnight. I was with my agent Emilie Dehez and the head of my promotion Donaline Hermant. Emilie received an ” Urgent ” email from her boss Herman Schuermans, who is also the organizer of Rock Werchter . He was asking if I was free to replace Sam Fender who had just canceled for Rock Werchter. Herman said to Emilie : “Call me back in fifteen minutes. ” I couldn’t believe it.”

Charles at Rock Werchter 2022
Charles at Rock Werchter 2022. Mathieu Golinvaux

“Rock Werchter Ultimate Festival”

Charles therefore canceled the appointment with his friend, gathered his musicians (only the bassist Jeremy was not available) and took the road to Flemish Brabant this Friday where she played under the huge marquee The Barn with a capacity of 20,000 people. ” I came to Werchter three years ago to see Muse. Rock Werchter is the ultimate thing, the biggest festival in Belgium. All the big international stars come to perform there. And me, a little Belgian, little French-speaking girl, I was offered such an opportunity. Herman Schuermans could have taken a Flemish artist but he chose me. I never would have imagined that.”

Charles took up this challenge of a lifetime in his own way. Naturally, with her pure talent, her youth, her femininity, her professionalism, her benevolence and her compositions that speak to a whole generation. ” My set for the festivals is prepared. I haven’t changed anything for Rock Werchter. I had planned some interventions in Dutch and English. I felt a little more pressure than usual. But when I heard from the wings the clamor of the spectators, I was seething and I wanted to go. I had no time to be afraid. It was magic.”

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Charles. Rock Werchter 2022. Mathieu Golinvaux.
Charles. Rock Werchter 2022. Mathieu Golinvaux.

The Barn was copiously filled. There were many more people, and much more atmosphere, than for the concert of Lous And The Yakuza, the second French-speaking artist on the bill for this 2022 edition. A concert with perfect sound. Lots of young girls in the front rows. Mid-tempo ballads taken from “Until We Meet Again”, Charles’ first album released this spring.

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A big rock explosion when guitarist Alex Vanderkelen comes to the front of the stage to swing the big tense riffs of Systematic . And then this great emotion, with all the smartphones on, when Charles performs alone on the piano Didn’t Get To Say Goodbye , in tribute to its artistic director Gilbert Lederman, who died this Friday morning. “ An emotional lift, she confides to us . In the dressing room, we had a big hug, we cried a lot and we said to ourselves that we were going to give everything for Gilbert. He was with us on the stage at The Barn. He was definitely waiting for us.”

At the end of the concert, our colleagues from Humo made a great metaphor with the Tour de France. ” Charles, prize for the fighting spirit of this edition of Rock Werchter. And the yellow jersey is not far away for her.” A crazy thing we tell you. Moustique was there and it warmed our hearts.

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