How to check if someone has blocked you on Instagram?

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Think someone blocked you on Instagram? It can be frustrating when someone’s profile disappears without a trace from your feed, leaving you with unanswered questions.

Luckily, there are methods you can use to find out if a user has blocked you. Keep reading to find out how you can check who blocked you on Instagram.

What happens when someone blocks you?

You can see a list of people you’ve blocked on Instagram in the “Blocked Accounts” section. Unfortunately, there is no “Accounts that have blocked me” section. Simply put, Instagram won’t notify you if a user blocks your account. Also, there is no official way to find out if someone has blocked you. The only way you can be sure is to check for yourself.


Blockage is not the only explanation

You shouldn’t jump to conclusions if someone has suddenly disappeared from your Instagram feed and stories. Blocking could be the worst case scenario, but it’s not the only possible explanation. Instagram user activity may drop if they:

  • Not posted for a while
  • Switched to a private account and removed you as a follower
  • Disabled his account
  • Deleted his account

Once you do a little investigation, you will know which scenario applies to you.

How to check if someone has blocked you on Instagram?

How to check if someone has blocked you on Instagram?

Suppose you are growing suspicious that a friend or acquaintance has blocked you on Instagram. If so, there are several ways you can investigate. Some methods offer several possible explanations, but you can quickly eliminate most and come to an obvious conclusion if the person blocked you.

Find his username

The first method is the easiest: enter their Instagram username in the search bar.

If their account appears and you can see all of their messages, the user has not blocked you. If you’re greeted with “This account is private” instead of their messages, they may have removed you as a follower but didn’t block you.

The account owner may have blocked you if their account doesn’t show up in your search. However, it can also mean any of the following:

  • They deactivated their account
  • They deleted their account
  • They changed their username

While deactivated or deleted accounts usually disappear into thin air, you can quickly check if someone has changed their username. Find a tagged photo or a comment they’ve already left and click on their profile. You should be able to see his new username if he changed it.

However, if you can see their account, profile picture, post, follow, and follow count, but not their posts, they’ve probably blocked you. The “No Posts Yet” message on the photo grid, inches below the actual number of posts, sends a pretty clear message.

Look at your messages

Blocking someone on Instagram will not delete your previous threads. It only prevents the person from sending you a message later.

If you’ve exchanged messages with the user who may have blocked you, check your Direct inbox. You can either use it as a shortcut to their profile or try sending them a message. If the user has blocked you, your messages will not be delivered.

Check your comments

Instagram will remove user likes and comments from your photos and videos when you block them. But their previous likes and comments won’t disappear from your profile. If you remember they commented on one of your posts, try to find that comment. Then, click on their profile picture or username to open their profile. The account owner has blocked you if their profile shows a “No Posts Yet” message. The message “User not found” may indicate that the person has blocked you or has deactivated or deleted their account.

Find his profile using a link

Instagram assigns a unique URL to each account created. The URL includes the account username. If you think someone has blocked you on Instagram, try searching for their profile using their unique URL.

Here’s how:

  1. Open your mobile or desktop browser.
  2. Enter in the address bar.
  3. Press “Send” on your mobile or “Enter” on your PC.

If they haven’t blocked you, their profile page will appear. The message “Sorry, this page is not available” can have several explanations:

  • You entered the wrong link
  • They changed their username
  • They deactivated their account
  • They deleted their account
  • They blocked you

After double-checking the link, you can rule out other options by searching in an incognito browser. The person in question has blocked you if you can view their profile page from the incognito browser.

Find her profile using another Instagram account

When you block someone on Instagram, they will no longer be able to search your profile. Alternatively, your profile will appear, but the blocked user will only be able to see an error message on your page.

Deactivated or deleted accounts will not be visible to anyone. You can create another Instagram profile or just use your friend’s phone to search for the desired Instagram handle. If the other Instagram profile has no problems viewing the account, the owner has blocked your main account.

Check group messages

When you block an Instagram user after being in the same group message, you will be given the option to leave or stay in the group. If you choose to stay, you will be able to see group messages from the person you blocked and vice versa.

When you suspect someone you’ve shared a group message with has blocked you, head to that conversation. Seeing their posts in the group, but not their profile when you click on it, means they’ve blocked you.

Try to follow the account

Try pressing the “Follow” button when you come across a profile with the message “No messages yet”. If you can track them immediately, then there might be a problem causing the problem. However, if you cannot follow the account or receive an error message, the user in question has blocked you.

Good to know

Realizing someone blocked you can be a hard pill to swallow, but it’s better not to know what happened. Using the methods outlined in this guide, you will understand Who blocked you, but the Why is open to interpretation.

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