Curry, who won the Mavericks for the second time in a row, “I have great confidence in what we are doing.”

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Round 2 of the Western Conference Finals will be held on May 21 (20th local time, same below). The Golden State Warriors carried a 19-point behind in the middle of the second quarter and finished the first half with a 14-point behind of 58-72.

In the Mavericks, Luka Doncic exploded with 18 points in the first quarter and 24 points and 6 assists after the first half. In addition, Jalen Brunson scored 20 points and 4 assists, Reggie Bullock scored 13 points, and the team had a 3-point success rate of 55.6% (15/27).

But the Warriors didn’t move. Steve Kerr (head coach) looks back on his half-time.


“We told us that if we went into the second half and regained our composure, the game would be ours. The first half was very disjointed. Maybe it was emotional. Dallas I’ve been punching, but I was confident because I didn’t think my opponent would decide 15 threes in the second half (if we regained our composure). “

The Warriors defeated the Mavericks 25-13 in the third quarter, and in the final quarter, Stephen Curry scored 10 points, and Jordan Poole scored 12 points. The series won two consecutive victories.

Curry, who won the Mavericks for the second time in a row,
Curry scored 32 points at the top of the team in Round 2 [Photo] = Getty Images

Curry has 32 points and 8 rebounds and 5 assists, Poole has 23 points and 5 assists and 2 steals, Kebon Rooney has 21 and 12 rebounds, Andrew Wiggins has 16 points and 5 and 5 assists, and Clay Thompson has 15 points and 4 rebounds. 5 assists, Otto Porter Jr. recorded 11 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists.

The Warriors, who have won their 200th playoffs in total, are still undefeated in eight games at home in the playoffs and are extremely strong. Curry, who stabbed a long-range gun with only one minute left, cites his confidence as a team.

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“We are very confident in what we are doing. We don’t know what the other person is talking about in the huddle or how they feel in their hearts. We just bring in our will. We have experience and chemistry. “

“This team has the idea and spirit of never giving up. I think this playoffs overwhelmed the opponents from start to finish in just one match, but they did what they had to do in the game. Then you can catch the flow. You just focused more on yourself. “

Since Car HC took over as commander, the Warriors have won their 12th come-from-behind victory with more than 15 points behind in the playoffs since 2015. According to ESPN Stats & Info, this is the highest number in the last 25 seasons, and the Warriors have achieved eight playoffs, giving a glimpse of the Warriors’ confidence as a team.

However, the Mavericks brought in from 0 wins and 2 losses to the final round in the conference semi-final with Phoenix Suns and won 4 wins and 3 losses, so the venue will be moved to Dallas, and the third round the series will be held on the 23rd. Don’t let your guard down.

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