Dallas Mavericks Doncic aiming to recover from two consecutive losses “We have no choice but to move forward”

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Dallas Mavericks, who advanced to the first Western Conference Final since 2011, have 48 in the first round of the series with the Golden State Warriors and 45 in the second round, all three points in the field. It has accounted for more than half of all goals.

The first match on May 19 (18th local time, the same date below) was a success with only 11 games, with a success rate of 22.9% and a big defeat at 87-112. He sank 15 of them and hit a success rate of 55.6%, leading 72-58 and 14 points. However, in the 3rd quarter, he succeeded in 13 throws, and the success rate of only 2 was 15.4%, and he was pressed by the Warriors.

In this second leg, Luka Doncic scored 42 points in Game High with 5 rebounds and 8 assists, and 3 steals. Jalen Brunson scored 31 points and 7 rebounds, and 5 assists, Reggie Bullock scored 21 points and Dorian Finney-Smith 10 points. Recorded 8 rebounds. The team sank 21 out of 45 throws of 3 punches, leaving a high probability of a success rate of 46.7%.


“We were hitting in good condition. If it was open, we would hit it. There are a lot of players in this team who can decide. As long as we are open, we will correct the shots. We will do what we need to do, such as extra passes (leading to more easy shots). We are all confident. This team is confident that everyone will score (3 points). There is. “

Branson remains bullish, but Jason Kidd (head coach) says, “It would be great if (3 points) were decided, but if I dropped four in a row, it would be great.” You need to understand that you won’t hit the fifth run because you have to decide. That puts stress on the players and their teams. You’ll blow if you can’t stop your opponent on the other side (defense side). It will change to out, “he said.

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Dallas Mavericks Doncic aiming to recover from two consecutive losses
Doncic lost 42 points in Round 2 [Photo] = Getty Images

Doncic, who recovered from 20 points in the first match and achieved over 40 points, said, “The opponent is the Warriors. It is a wonderful team and the team that has won the championship. We have to adjust our defense. We have to adjust our defense. I was 19 points behind … So it’s a tough situation. But I can’t look back. No matter what happens, I have to move forward. “

The Warriors were able to make a comeback against the Mavericks in the second half when the whole team regained their composure, but one of the factors was that they could effectively add points in the paint area.

The Warriors, who also led the paint area with a 44-32 in the first round, had a big difference of 62-30 in the second round. Doncic also set out to attack the paint area for the third round of the series, held on the 23rd.

“We didn’t attack paint a lot, but we had to do more like them. That team had two of the best shooters in the world ( Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson ). , It also attacks the paint, so I don’t think we should just rely on three. “

For Doncic’s Mavericks to win the series for the first time in Round 3 at home, it seems that not only 3 points but also effective points from the paint area will be necessary.

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