Diablo Immortal PC open beta launched officially

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Diablo Immortal, the latest installment in the Diablo series, the flagship franchise of Blizzard Entertainment, officially debuted today.

Diablo Immortal can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android mobile platforms in most regions of the world, including Korea, and will also be released as an open beta on PC through Battle.net. It is scheduled for release on June 22 (Pacific Time) in select regions of Asia Pacific.

To commemorate the launch of Diablo Immortal and as a token of our gratitude to over 35 million pre-registered players, all players who log in to the game and complete the tutorial within 30 days of today will receive a Horadrim customization set. However, rewards can only be received by one character per account.

Diablo Immortal PC

Mike Ibara, President of Blizzard Entertainment, said, “We are very pleased to present the latest installment in the Diablo series, Diablo Immortal, to players. The elements are fully contained in Immortal. Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play AAA-rated Blizzard game, and it was important for us to provide a complete and exciting core gaming experience for free, including several upcoming features, hero classes, stories, and more. “, he said of the release.

In Diablo Immortal, players can experience the game alone or with fellow adventurers they meet while traveling to Sanctuary. In the first MMOARPG set in the Diablo universe, players must explore, conquer, socialize and traverse Sanctuary in all-new ways, and prevent the powers of creation from falling into the grips of the fiery hell.

In the bustling city of Western Expedition, you can create a troop and challenge 8-player raid battles, join a clan, craft and trade items, and interact with other players. In addition, by cultivating strength and skill and winning a 1v30 fierce battle in the yoke of struggle, you can earn the title of Immortal and rise to the top of the server you belong to.

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Diablo Immortal PC Game play

Diablo Immortal PC can also be enjoyed as an open beta through Battle.net, and cross-play and progress sharing (synchronization of game progress data) allows you to continue your adventure seamlessly between platforms. Even after the open beta ends, the player’s gameplay progress can be maintained, and the demons can continue to be slain. On PC, it can be moved with WASD keys and the Diablo series tradition of point-and-click, and it also supports integrated controllers regardless of platform.

Players will explore 6 classes, 8 regions, and experience an epic story set in the era between Diablo II and Diablo III. After release, new content such as new dungeons, regions, seasons, jobs, and real-time events in the game will be added every few months.

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