Diablo Immortal: PvE and PvP Best crusader build

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Looking for a great Crusader build for use with Diablo Immortal? This guide will help you, so consider searching.

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Diablo Immortal

Crusader is one of the very strong classes for Diablo Immortal with proper builds. And, thanks to the many skills and gems you can choose from, getting the right build can be a problem. But don’t worry, this guide covers the best primary and secondary skills available in this class, as well as the usual legendary gems. Now let’s take a quick look at the best builds for use with Crusader in PvE and PvP Diablo Immortal.


|The best Crusader build for use with Diablo Immortal

Here are all the skills and gems you need to use for Crusader in this game:

|Primary skill

  1. Punish: Attacks and damages enemies while improving their senses. It also increases your chances of blocking for the next 2 seconds by 30%.

|Secondary skill

  1. Falling Sword: Stick a sword into the ground at your location to damage nearby enemies. When this movement is used again, the character activates itself, attacking and descending enemies in the position of the sword.
  2. Holy Flag: Place the Holy Flag to increase your allies’ critical chances for the next 11.2 seconds.
  3. Spinning Shield: Throws a spinning shield at an enemy to damage them. The shield will do damage again while pulling the enemy towards you while returning to the enemy in the path.
  4. Draw and Quarter: Use your horse to increase your movement speed for the next 5 seconds by 60% and remove all movement debuffs. This move also restrains up to eight nearby enemies and damages them while dragging them.
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|The best ordinary gems

  1. Ruby: Used to raise HP.
  2. Tourmaline: Increases overall damage output and improves DPS (damage per second).
  3. Sapphire: Increases the chances of critical hits and increases armor penetration.

|The best legendary jewel

These are some of the best legendary gems available to the Crusaders.

  1. Cutthroat’s Grin: Increases the chance of a critical hit when attacking an enemy from behind.
  2. Unity Crystal: Whenever party members are close to each other, they will take less damage.
  3. Berserker’s Eye: Increases damage when attacking enemies, but also increases damage received from enemies.
  4. Chain Death: Boosts the damage of AoE attacks on all hit targets.

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