Best Difficult riddles and their solutions

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Last updated on October 30th, 2022 at 07:03 am

Fawazeer is a good way to expand the mind and horizons in an entertaining and entertaining way, and the puzzles vary in type and difficulty, there are sports and recreational puzzles, and there are easy puzzles and others that are difficult for a person to solve easily . Make up your mind and have fun with your friends and family, so follow us!

Difficult riddles and their solutions

Difficult riddles and their solutions

  • What is the thing that if you eat it all you benefit, and if you eat half of it you die?
  • It always moves around you but you don’t see it.. so what is it?
  • People love it very much and when they get it they hit it with their feet so what is it..?!
    – football.
  • what’s the only word that gets pronounced wrongly?
  • What is the word that invalidates its meaning if we pronounce it?
    – Silence.
  • What is the best method to pull a carpet from under the elephant?
    – Wait for him to leave.
  • Four brothers have one head, so who are they..?!
    Table legs.
  • He walks without two legs and does not enter except with the two ears, so what is it?
    – the sound.
  • It is not a tree although it has many leaves, so what is it..?
    – the book.
  • What is the thing that every time he takes a step he loses something of his tail..?
    – Sewing needle.
  • What is the animal that rubs his ear with his nose?
    – the elephant.
  • He is inside and outside the room at the same time.. so what is it?
    Room door.
  • What is the thing that does not cut unless you put your fingers in his eyes?
    – the scissors.
  • Difficult puzzles and their solution: What is the thing that carries you and you carry it at the same time?
    – The shoe.
  • What is the thing that you slaughter and cry over?
  • What has four legs and yet cannot walk?
    the chair.
  • Something that is blind and dumb and deaf and only walks on its head, so what is it?
    the pen.
  • What is something that you hear but do not see, and if you see it you do not hear it?
    – Gunshots.
  • There is a scorpion that does not sting and no one is afraid of it, even children, so what is it..?!
    – Hour hand.
  • What is the one thing you own but others use it more than you?!
    – Your Name.
  • What is the thing that does not benefit from it unless it is broken?
    – eggs.

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Intelligent riddles and their solutions

  • You are the driver of a bus carrying 40 people. You filled it up and started walking. When you reached the first stop, 7 passengers got off, 5 went up, and then when you reached the second stop, 3 went up and 8 got off. The question is how old is the bus driver?
    Driver’s age is your age; Because as we said at the beginning of the question, you are the driver.
  • What is the next number in this number series,…-1-5-9-13-17?21.
  • What is the thinnest thing that can be seen with the naked eye?
    soap bubble.
  • It takes 3 people 3 days to build 3 rooms, how much does one person need to build 1 room? It takes 3 days per person to build one room.
  • Some months have 31 days and some months have 30 days..
    How many months have 28 days?
    12 Months.
  • 3 people crossed the bridge, the first saw the bridge and walked on it, the second saw the bridge
    and did not walk on it, and the third did not see the bridge and did not walk on it.. How did that happen?
    A pregnant woman with her young son, who is carrying him on his shoulder.
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Sports Fawazeer and its answer

  • Ahmed is a very generous young man. He bought a box of apples and passed on to seven of his friends, and
    every time a friend of them passed by, he gave him half of what he had from the box of apples, and
    when Ahmed returned to his house, he found what was left with him was only one apple..
    how many apples he had in the box ? 128 apples.
  • How many times do the hands of the clock apply to each other in a day?
    22 times.
  • In the office of a company, there are two wall clocks, one of which ticks every three hours and the other clocks every four hours.. After how many hours does the two clocks strike together?!12 hours later.
  • Madame Amal said to Madame Mona: My salary is the same as your salary, and the value of your salary is twice the value of my salary minus 1000 pounds.. How much is the salary of each?! Their salary Monday is 1000 pounds.
  • If there are 100 birds that are all sold for 100 pounds, and if the price of a falcon is 5 pounds, and the price of a dove is one pound, and the price of every twenty crows is only one pound… How many of each of the three species were sold?! Number of hawks: 19 , number of pigeons: 1 , number of crows: 80
Difficult puzzles and their solutions

Difficult puzzles and their solutions

  • If you have four fives and you need to use any arithmetic operation, whether addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, so that the result is 3, what is this equation?3=5/(5+5+5)
  • A train of 1 kilometer long must pass a 1 kilometer long tunnel as well. What time does the train need to cross this tunnel, given that it is traveling at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour?!8 minutes.
  • A tree grows in the forest and doubles in height every year until it reaches its maximum height in the tenth year. How many years did the tree take to reach half of its maximum height? 9 years; Because in the tenth year its height doubled for the last time to reach its maximum height.
  • It takes 5 cats 5 minutes to catch 5 mice,
    how long does it take 100 cats to catch 100 mice? It only takes 5 minutes; Because each cat takes 5 minutes to catch one mouse.
  • Find an arithmetic equation of (eight) numbers all number (6) so that the result of this equation is (6006) ..?6666-666+6
  • 3 cats catch 3 mice in just 3 minutes, so how many cats are needed to catch 100 mice in 100 minutes?!3 cats.
  • Someone asked the other, how old are you? He said to him: I am twice as old as half of four quarters of your age! Who is greater, first or second? They are the same age.
  • How do you turn eight eights into 1000 using only the combination of them..?888+88+8+8+8=1000
  • The age of a father and the age of his son consist of two numbers that are inverse in the figure, and a year ago the age of the father was twice the age of the son, so how old are the father and son now..? Father’s age: 73 years old. Son’s age: 37 years old .
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Easy riddles for kids

  • What is the house where no doors, no windows?
    – House of Poetry.
  • What is the thing that the more you take it, the bigger it gets?
    – the pit.
  • What is the thing that eats and is not satisfied?
    – fire.
  • What is the thing that the more expensive we have, the less cheap it is?
  • Something we see but cannot touch, its first letter is something that kills, and its last letter is something we drink?
    – The sky.
  • Something in front of you that you don’t see.. what is it?
    – the future.
  • Hear it and see it and not hear you or see you?
    TV set.
  • who is the only uncle of your cousins?
    – Your father.
  • It’s all holes, yet it keeps water easily, so what is it?
  • What is there once in a century, twice in a minute, and not in an hour?
    the ship.
  • what is that thing which pinches you but you can not see it?!
  • A bird that gives birth and does not lay eggs.. so what is it?
    – Bat.
  • What is the thing that if we remove the first letter from it flew?
    – the train.
  • He is the son of water, and if he is placed in water he dies.. so what is it?
    – the snow.
  • Who is the one who sleeps with his shoes on?
    – the horse.
  • What is the thing that speaks all the languages ​​of the world?
    – echo.

Various fizzes

  • What is pregnant and portable, dry and wet.. so what is it? Boat or ship
  • A person was born in Isha and died in Maghrib on the same day, how does that happen?
    He was born at Isha and died in Morocco.
  • I ate a pepper, and it peppered my mouth.. How much is it? There is no F in it.
  • What is the thing that walks and stands but has no legs?
    – the hour.
  • What is the tomb that walked its owner?– The whale of our master Yunus, peace be upon him.
  • What is the end of the world?
    Alif letter.
  • Where is the sea that has no water?
    – on the map.
  • What is something that is neither a human nor an animal nor an inanimate thing? Photograph.
  • What is the thing in the middle of Paris?
    – The letter R.
  • Who is the one who washes his face and does not comb his hair?
  • What are the two dead that may be eaten without sin? Fish and locusts.
  • What is the thing that his heart eats its peel?– The burning candle.
  • What is the name of the bird that if you flip it you see a wonder?
    – pelican

Easy puzzles

  • What is the sense of smell when the snake?
    – the tongue.
  • What is the flesh from the inside and the bone from the outside?
    – the turtle.
  • What is the thing you throw it whenever you need it?
    fishing net.
  • What is considered unclean if it is white?
    – the tongue.
  • A merchant from among the merchants, if we pulled out his eye, he flew, who is he?
  • He walks without two legs and does not enter except with the two ears. What is it?
    the sound.
  • What walks without legs and cries without eyes?
  • Who is the person who killed a quarter of the world’s population?
    Cain killed his brother Abel and the population of the earth was four, with them Adam and Eve.
  • It strikes for no reason..and flies without wings..and causes joy and what is it?
    – the ball.
  • A black body, a white heart and a green head… So what is it?
    – eggplant
  • What animal can withstand more thirst than a camel?
    – the giraffe.
  • What is the thing that has a constant temperature whether you put it in the refrigerator or on the fire?
    – Pepper.
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Very difficult puzzles only for smart people and solve them

  • Is there an arithmetic method using different mathematical signs
    from which we can get the number seven (7) out of three (6) sixes? 6 + (6/6) = 7
    • Two numbers whose product is (15) and their sum is (16). So what are they? 1 + 15
  • Four numbers have a sum of 15, the first half of the second, the second half of the third, and the third half of the fourth. What are those four numbers? The numbers are (1, 2, 4, 8)
  • A row of ducks, a duck between two ducks, a duck with two ducks behind, and a duck in front with two ducks.. How many ducks? 3 ducks.
  • A person is 45 years old and his son is 25 years old.. How many years ago was the father’s age twice the age of his son? Before 5 years, the age of the father is 40, and the son is 20, the father means twice the age of the son.
  • A group of rabbits (less than 100 rabbits), if divided in pairs, there is a rabbit, if divided into threes, there are two rabbits, and if divided by fours, there are three rabbits, and if divided by fives, there are four rabbits left, and if you divide sixes there are five rabbits left, how many rabbits will this group have? 59 rabbit.
  • The father brought a number of oranges, and gave the first son more than half of what he had of oranges with half an orange, while the second son gave half of what was left and an extra half of an orange, and he gave his third son half of what was left and an excess of half an orange. He divides any orange, how many was with the father? How many oranges did each of the three children take?!

The number of oranges with the father: 7 oranges
, he gave to the first: 4 oranges
, he gave to the second: two oranges,
he gave to the third: one orange

Until here, we have learned about difficult puzzles and their solutions, in addition to the most famous puzzles and riddles, but if you are looking for more, see: Strong, new and embarrassing frankness questions for friends, loved ones and family


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