Disneyland staff snatched the ring At the moment of the proposal

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A video of a couple’s proposal taken at an Disneyland amusement park in France is attracting attention. This is because, at the moment of the man’s confession, netizens’ angry comments continued over the appearance of an amusement park employee running and snatching the ring.

The moment the couple proposes, the moment a Disneyland employee comes running and snatches the ring. /reddit

The controversial video was first published on the 3rd (local time) on Reddit, the largest community in the United States. It is a short 20-second video filmed at Disneyland in Paris, France, and appears to have been uploaded by an acquaintance of the couple appearing in the video.

At first, there is a scene where a couple, a man and a woman, are on stage installed in Disneyland. It is followed by her man taking her ring out of her pocket and kneeling on her knees. When he confesses, holding out the case with her ring, the woman smiles happily and tries to hold her lover’s hand.


At that moment, a Disneyland employee wearing a Mickey Mouse headband appeared on the screen. The employee ran quickly and separated the couple, and in the process snatched the proposal ring from the man’s hand. He then directed him to come down with a gesture and nod while standing at the bottom of the stairs with the ring he had stolen.

The bewildered man said, “She answered ‘good'”, but the employee beckoned again, saying, “It would be better (proposal) down here.” The couple couldn’t hide their embarrassment and disappointment, and the crowd watching this booed, but the staff was adamant. Eventually, when the two got off the stage, the staff returned the ring they had in their hand.

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“Disneyland destroyed precious moments of me and my best friends,” the publisher claimed.

A disappointed couple comes off the stage.  The staff then returns the ring to the man. /reddit

The video was shared on various communities and social media and attracted attention. There were over 10,000 comments on the original text, most of which pointed out that the staff’s response was excessive. Netizens commented, “The employee who ruined the proposal looks happy”, “I ruined the moment that someone will remember for the rest of my life too easily”, “It took less than a minute, could you not have been patient?”

On the other hand, “I know that the stage is prohibited for safety reasons. It is highly likely that a couple entered without permission.”

After the controversy escalated, Disneyland France said, “We apologize for this incident.

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