Dordle Answer Today 6th July [Daily Update] Dordle 2022

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Last updated on July 5th, 2022 at 11:34 pm

Wordle is on a power streak, taking over the world in such a way that even its spinoffs have become addictions for word game lovers. Despite being just one of many Wordle Clones, Dordle has managed to build up a player base despite not even being a month old.

Dordle Answer Today

What is Dordle?

I’ll start with a confession. When I first heard the name Dordle I assumed it might be another light-hearted parody Wordle variant that is meant to invoke joy in gamers. However, on my first visit, I was tickled with joy by the double surprise waiting on the game page.


Yes, as you might have already guessed, Dordle is an exciting take on Wordle by doubling the number of grids to present players with a double challenge. As Dordle’s tagline explains, it is Wordle most Wordle D double W order; it’s a close replica of Wordle with twin grids in which you have 7 chances (in total) to understand two mystery words.

Each guess (word entry) is simultaneously entered into both grids, and the challenge is to figure out the hidden words in each grid using a single set of comments.

Dordle Answer Today [Daily Updated]

Here are the Dordle answers today:

Date1st Dordle Word2nd Dordle Word
06 July 2022UMBRAALIKE
05 July 2022CHARMWASTE
04 July 2022PLACEPIXIE
03 July 2022JIFFY EQUIP
02 July 2022WORSECLOVE
01 July 2022DOWNYGECKO
30 June 2022DRUIDPOINT
29 June 2022TABLEBILGE
28 June 2022STINTSCOOT
27 June 2022LEMURSTALL
26 June 2022PLUMPSCENT

Is Dordle an app? Where to find and play the game?

Dordle is an online word game developed by Guilherme S. Töws under the banner of Zarastutra Productions. To play the game, all you have to do is visit the game’s website — — on any web browser.

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No, you will not find Dordle in any app market (App Store, Play Store, Microsoft Store) no matter how deep you search because, like Wordle, Dordle does not have any versions available as mobile apps or office. .

The only legitimate source to play Dordle is on the host’s website – . So be careful not to fall victim to scams via shady apps!

Zaratustra has a league of other games under its belt, although not all of them are Wordle related, they are worth checking out. You can view a directory of their games here .

Free Dordles FTW!

Dordle is a double treat in more ways than one. While the game itself is dual wordle grids, each player can play it in two different modes – daily dordle and free dordle. Daily Dordle is predictably a daily challenge where all players are given the same twin mystery word challenge once a day.

The free dordle mode is double the fun because it gives you the ability to play unlimited games – you can play whatever you want, any day, any time, with no bars.

The look, theme, and ways of Free Dordle are exactly the same as Daily Sleep — it’s the unlimited supply of games (and free ones too!) that multiplies its appeal!

Because it’s not an app, the ability to access the game is much wider – as long as your device has internet access and supports a reliable browser, you can play Dordle without any hitches (whether on PC/Desktop, Smartphone, or Smart TV!)

Dordle versus Wordle:

If you compare Dordle to Wordle, you’ll find that they’re more or less the same – they’re both online games that embrace the spirit of a Daily Challenge. Both games also have a grid-like structure and color-based clue tiles that give players a limited number of chances to uncover the mystery word(s) of the day.

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Even the fundamental behavior of letters and binding rules in the game up to the feedback system is exactly the same – letters can repeat, words must be valid, etc., etc. you already know them all from Wordle.

While a Wordle challenge involves a 5-letter mystery word and 6 guesses allowed in total, Dordle involves two 5-letter words that must be solved together in 7 guesses (total) based on shared feedback.

Dordle is a perfect improvement on the difficulty level aspect of Wordle, attracting the interest of word game lovers who want a little more from their word games.

How to Play Dordle: Strategies and Tips

As we have already discussed, Dordle is about your ability to juggle two Wordle grids simultaneously. It’s quite difficult with Wordle’s solo grid, so how’s it going with Dordle?

Daily Dordle 153 Answer June 26th 2022.jpg

To make the gaming experience smooth, Dordle has incorporated some svelte schemes to make the guessing game easier for players, like, for example, how the color hints are shown on the virtual keyboard to give you a card visual of the progress you are making. in each grid.

With proper strategy and wise maneuvers, Dordle is an easy game to beat every time. As on Wordle, your first words, familiarity with the occurrence/frequency of letters play a decisive role in reducing the total number of moves made to decipher the two mystery words.

To better understand how letters and words should be used in Dordle, read our in-depth article on the subject below.

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Your first moves, if played with calculation, help you focus on valid letters – but that only involves one aspect of the game.

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Since Dordle applies the same guess word entered in both grids, the feedback received on each letter differs depending on the mystery word hidden beneath it – so the real test is laid towards your deduction skills with a huge emphasis on restraint.

The available guesses should not be wasted, but should be used carefully so that each move reveals relevant details to you about the secret hidden within each grid.

Top Tip: Keep an eye on the keyboard to get an actionable impression of the letters – occurrence or lack of appearance can be easily understood and used to your advantage if you manage to grasp the nature and behavior of valid letters on the keyboard.

Word game solving websites can also come in handy when you’re stuck on a guess.

Word and letter strategies in Dordle do not differ much from Wordle, you can read and know more about the effects of various Wordle strategies from the related articles listed below.

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