Download GTA 5 for Android free full version 2022

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Last updated on December 17th, 2022 at 02:01 pm

GTA 5 is one of the most popular games ever in the history of gaming. The graphics and gameplay are so good and it is just one of the best. So, what if I told you that GTA 5 is available for Android? Yes! It’s simple to Download GTA 5 for Android free full version 2022.

Download GTA 5 for Android free full version 2022
Download GTA 5 for Android free full version 2022

We’ll walk you through the process of installing and playing GTA 5 on an Android smartphone in this article.


The following are some of the steps that the user needs to follow to ensure that they can download GTA 5 APK efficiently on their smartphones.

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How to Download GTA 5 for Android free full version 2022 ?

GTA 5 will not run on a low-end device that doesn’t have free space available and if it doesn’t support HD Graphics. So the first thing that you would need is a high-quality mobile phone capable of running the game.

If you have an excellent smartphone to run the game, the next step is to download the GTA v APK file. The first step is to download the android device files and follow the required download steps (stated below. There are three main files that you would require to download the game on your device successfully. They include a GTA 5 OBB file, a GTA 5 Data file, and a GTA 5 APK app.

How to Install GTA 5 on your android device?

The starting point is to download all the files from the mirror links. The mirror links are all the files required to download and operate GTA 5 on your Smartphone. GTA 5 is a big-time that would require every file downloaded efficiently to run it. So before starting the installation process, you need to ensure that all the files are downloaded successfully if you want the app to run smoothly on your phone.

  • The first step is to download the APK file on your Smartphone from a reliable download link.
  • Importantly, if this is your first time installing an application from an external source other than the Play Store, then you need to provide the permission of installing a file from unknown sources.
  • To provide your Smartphone with permission, you need to access settings > Security> tick mark the unknown sources option.
  • Once you have allowed it, the next step is to access the play store and install an application called Es File Explorer which would allow your phone to collect the data file in a similar game folder.
  • Now open the Es file explorer folder, and you will find the GTA 5 Zip folder there.
  • Open the folder and follow all the listed steps.
  • Finally, you need to extract the file to Android OBB to complete the installation and enjoy the game.
  • If you can’t find the download link of the APK file, then you can get it from the below button.

Once you have completed the steps mentioned above, you can efficiently get the game on your android device.

GTA V APK Features

GTA is loaded with features to ensure that the user gets a real-time gaming experience. The game is designed with exceptional and latest features to ensure that the player doesn’t get bored playing it and gets precisely what it expects.

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The following are some of the most notable features of GTA 5 Apk. Have a look at them and enjoy its amazing features:

  • Grand Theft Auto V developers have ensured that the user gets complete control over the character. It includes several actions and operations that any individual is capable of doing in real life. The user can also roam around the city, steal cars or purchase property, etc.
  • In the modern world, a game is pointless if it doesn’t contain high-quality HD graphics. The requirement is acknowledged and integrated into GTA 5 APK.
  • There are various characters, cars, and different designs that enhance the appearance of the game and make it appear more realistic.
  • The Grand Theft Auto 5 is a combination of exceptional and exciting stages. Each subsequent stage is more stimulating and eye-catching compared to the previous one.
  • Another notable feature, particularly for people who love driving vehicles, is that the game provides a better vehicle control feature that the user can’t enjoy in other game versions.
  • The game allows the player to experience an underworld criminal that does what it wants around the city. GTA 5 thus provides the users with a lot more control than you can find in other games.
  • There are various exciting missions that the player can complete to earn money. Furthermore, the game allows the freedom to spend that money on buying cars, assets, stocks, and property.
  • This also provides a more significant category of cars which also includes sports cars. So now you no longer have to play with the regular ones that you find on the road. Another exciting part with the cars is that you can get them customized at a workshop.
  • The control keys of the game are exceptional. The player can easily manage them all, and also the controls during driving are very efficient.
  • The sound effects of the game are improved and are incredibly close to reality.
  • The player can download the game on most Android devices with a 2 GB ram and above. However, if you intend on running the game at maximum settings, you would need a better phone to ensure that your gaming experience remains at the top.
  • The city is another thing that has been improved a lot. Unlike the older versions of the game that only had limited spaces to explore inside the city, GTA 5 features a lot bigger proximity to roam around. Furthermore, there are also many more options in the game; for instance, you can rob banks, get inside the houses of other people, take an airplane, etc.
  • The game developers have focused on one crucial thing, and it’s to ensure that the user maintains control over its character. It includes various actions that a person is capable of doing in reality. These actions include the user being able to steal cars, purchase property across the city and move freely around it.
  • High-quality HD graphics are one of the most sought-after features in every game nowadays. It’s a common expectation with every game, and the developers have ensured that they provided this feature to the users through the game.
  • The game has different characters along with a wide variety of cars and designs that make the game more appealing and realistic.
  • GTA 5 story mode has numerous exciting and excellent stages that make it exhilarating, and It’s one of the reasons why the game is adored so much by gamers globally.
  • The vehicle control system of the game has been modified compared to the previous versions of the game. The user now has a lot more control over it, and they can thus enjoy a better and more realistic experience.
  • The missions that need to be completed provide the user with money that they can spend on buying guns, cars, and property across the city.
  • The developers have significantly improved the city. Unlike the older versions of the game, the city is a lot bigger now, with more spaces to be explored.

Requirements For GTA 5 Mobile

The most important and notable requirement to run GTA 5 mobile is to have a good quality phone capable of running the HD graphics game. If your phone supports HD Graphics, you would play the game and have an excellent experience.

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However, if you have a low-end device that doesn’t support High-quality graphics, this game might not work so well for you. It will lag on your mobile, thus providing you with a worse experience than you could imagine.

Although, there are specific requirements that you can note on an Android phone before downloading the game.

The operating system that you would require needs to be at least Android 4+. The Mobile needs to have 2 GB RAM with Adreno or more GPU. The processor needs to be Quad-core or more, and the available space inside your Smartphone needs to be at least 2 GB free space or more.

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