Download Wream, the app for your friends and family to get your gifts right

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Last updated on December 17th, 2022 at 02:03 pm

Most of us love Christmas, but if there is something that tires us all on these dates, it is the fact of thinking about what we want to be given, or even worse: thinking about what that person wants to surprise them in the best possible way. .

This is where Wream comes in: a new application with which we only have to click so that our friends or relatives know what to give us, and at the same time, know what to give them .


What is Wream?

Wream is an application for iOS and Android in which you can create and visit wishlists of all kinds. For example, now that it’s Christmas, in Wream I can add the gifts that I want to be given in Three Kings , since I can register January 6 among my special dates. That easy!

It also works the other way around: with Wream I can enter other people’s wish lists (family, friends…) and know with a simple and quick glance what they want to get them. The app goes even further: I will be able to reserve the gift I want to give anonymously so as not to coincide with any other person!

What is Wream?
What is Wream?

For the most absent-minded people, Wream is even more ideal, since the app provides you with a calendar of important dates with their respective reminders , whether it’s your co-worker’s birthday, your cousin’s communion or the neighbor’s wedding .

Wream is more of a social network than a shopping app. First of all, you have a feed similar to a Facebook “wall” where wishes or important dates of your friends or family appear. Secondly, you have a profile (private or public) where your wishes, the followers and people you follow , your “reserved” gifts and your important dates are displayed.

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Knowing what to give your loved ones with Wream is therefore very simple, but sometimes inspiring yourself so that others know what to give you is difficult. Wream, for a change, solves it for us: you can add and save the wishes of other users to your list . It even allows you to share them on social networks!

Wream (Wish & dREAM) is also focused on companies, specifically, so that they connect with their audience in a different way: you can upload your products to Wream and your customers will be able to easily and quickly find out what you offer and make the purchase directly.

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Why start using Wream

Why start using Wream

  • It doesn’t matter what kind of event it is: Wream works for weddings, secret friends, birthdays, retirements, saints, travel memories…
  • Avoid coincidences of gifts and their consequent mishaps: reserve anonymously and in real time
  • Don’t hide again when you receive a gift you don’t like: use Wream and everyone will know what to get you
  • Ask for what you really want: get inspired by other users and avoid asking for gifts “by request”

If you want a simpler Christmas to your liking, you can now download Wream completely free of charge from the Play Store . You can also find them on Instagram , under the user @wreamapp , on Facebook , Twitter and on their website .

What do you think of the idea of ​​Wream? Will you use it this Christmas?

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