Effective Ways to Control Sensitive Content on Instagram, Here’s How!

How to Enable Instagram Sensitive Content Control
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Sensitive content on Instagram may make you uncomfortable or irritated because it is disturbing your comfort. Don’t worry, Instagram has a new feature called ‘Control Sensitive Content’. Here’s how to filter sensitive content on Instagram.

Instagram has a new setting that allows users to filter out content that some users may find annoying or offensive.

This feature is an expansion of Instagram’s “Control Sensitive Content” feature, which was launched late last year. This Sensitive Content Control feature allows users to choose how much sensitive content appears on their Explore page.


This new Sensitive Content Control setting on Instagram extends that control to content recommended in your feed including Reel, searches, suggested accounts, and hashtag pages.

If you refer to the Instagram help center page, it states that Sensitive Content Control applies to some content that violates the recommendation guidelines. However, Sensitive Content Control does not apply to content that goes against Instagram’s community guidelines.

How to Enable Instagram Sensitive Content Control

How to Enable Instagram Sensitive Content Control

The new settings give users the option to choose more, less, or default, which is the default for users.

Each option corresponds to how much inappropriate content the user wants to filter. To access this setting, Telset will tell you how. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile page by tapping on your picture at the bottom of the screen. On your profile page, go to your account settings by tapping on the three horizontal lines icon at the top right.
  2. Next, tap on Account, and open Sensitive Content Control .
  3. On this page, there are three options for how much inappropriate content you want to allow. If you are under 18, you may not be able to choose the option to allow more sensitive content.
  4. Select your settings and press confirm.
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If you don’t see it in your account, don’t worry. Instagram is rolling it out in stages to make it available to all users.

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