‘Eternal Paradox’ Endrim unveils NFT-based New Game

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Endrim (CEO Cho Seong-won) announced on the 7th that it unveiled the new ‘Eternal Paradox‘ of its subsidiary Entroy at the ‘Galabus Europe 2022’ event held in Malta, Europe on the 6th (local time).

‘Eternal Paradox’ is a war simulation game using NFT-based blockchain technology. On May 25, for the first time in a Korean game, a developer question and answer AMA (Ask Me Anything) was held in the gala ecosystem. This voting is a system in which Founders Node holders decide the governance of ecosystem creation.

‘Eternal Paradox’ is a hybrid game that adds the strengths of the war simulation genre that requires turn-based RPG combat, territorial growth, and field tactics. At the end of the season, in the ‘Ring of Ruin’ occupation, each guild and members will put all their energy into their efforts, and the winner will receive a season reward.

Eternal Paradox

Users can control and nurture their own mercenaries, and assets that users can own, such as land, buildings, in-game landmarks, and characters, are implemented in various types of NFTs.

Gala Games is a blockchain game company founded by Eric Schiermeier, co-founder of the Nasdaq-listed social game Zynga, and has built the world’s largest gaming blockchain platform that gamers can own and operate.

‘Galaverse Europe 2022’ announced a roadmap for new games and services to be introduced through the blockchain platform built by Gala Games,

Endrim introduced ‘Eternal Paradox’ directly on the main stage for gamers who were invited to this event and purchased a Gala Bus ticket, and released a demo version where they could experience the game in the game zone. At the same time, the ‘Land’ of the most strategically important field was sold through the pre-sale event held at Galabus Europe 2022.

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Kwon Won-seok, CEO of Entroy, said, “Through ‘Eternal Paradox’, we will expand our mobile global war simulation game development and service capabilities accumulated over the past five years to the global NFT market, opening up the horizon for global achievements and a new user reward system.” .

Starting with the Galabus Europe 2022 event schedule, Endrim plans to prepare for the full-scale service of ‘Eternal Paradox’, and is developing with the goal of service within this year.

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