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Fall Guys Season 1 has seen a huge player boost and the game feels more alive than ever. But, for the players who complete the challenges and rank up in the battle pass, they want to know about the Fall Guys season 1 end date so that they can get everything.

Season 1 is the first season of the game’s free-to-play release and is apparently set to introduce a new cadence of events and seasons, becoming more frequent and offering more engaging new playlists and rounds. However, we have seen season dates change in the past, so this could happen with the Free For All season.

Below you can find the Fall Guys Season 1 End Date that Media Tonic has set for the latest season of content and additions. If things change, we’ll also keep this guide updated with the latest information.


Fall Guys Season 1 End Date

The Fall Guys Season 1 end date is currently set for August 29, 2022 . This means you’ll have just over two months to earn everything from the start of the season in mid-July.

This two month period is by far one of the shortest Fall Guys seasons yet and hopefully marks a new cadence for seasons now that the game is free to play. However, one downside is that you will have less time to rank up the season pass and earn all the rewards.

Once Season 1 is over on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch, Season 2 should pick up right after and bring a whole new set of rounds, rewards to earn, and new challenges.

That covers the Fall Guys season 1 end date. To learn more about the current season, be sure to check out all of the Fall Guys skins and costumes, as well as how Fall Guys cross-play works.

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Fall Guys Game Review

Here’s a game. All kinds of complicated concepts, gimmicks, and eyes can’t be grasped by reading the text, and the design focused on the original fun of the game, manipulation and result. A successful game. It’s ‘Fall Guys’.

Fall Guys Season 1 End Date

The game has been popular since it was first released. The game didn’t have much depth, but it was easy to get used to, and it was simple and fun. Over the next two years, Fall Guys has played a total of six seasons, and while it’s not a game to be focused on, it has maintained a unique position as a party game. And at the end of last year, the developer ‘Media Tonic’ was acquired by Epic Games, and now, six months have passed, the game has been completely freed up.

As a result, the last six seasons have been left as legacy seasons, and the newly started ‘All of us Free Play’ is the new first season. This season, just like previous seasons, adds new outfits and game modes, but that’s not the biggest change.

At the end of February, Fall Guys started supporting cross-play between PC and PS. Previously, each of the two platforms enjoyed playing each other’s games, but from now on, you can enjoy party play without any problem even if you play games on different platforms. And on June 21st, the game became completely free, and the Xbox and Nintendo Switch joined the ranks. This means that Switch, XBOX , PS, and PC users can all gather and play games together in one room . As long as you have enough monitors.

What I’m curious about here is how smooth it actually runs when playing the game. If there is a problem depending on the platform, or if the connection is disconnected frequently, I am not very excited if I can honestly do it. So, I decided to take three consoles and a PC and play a real game.

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Fall Guys Season 1 Game Play Review

The gameplay feels very smooth. In the case of PC and PS, there is no difference as much as it has been playable before. (In the case of PS5, there is an improvement in loading time and performance compared to the previous one as the update progresses.) The XBOX is also very smooth. It’s like playing with an XBOX pad on your PC. Since it is a game where fine control is important, there is not much pad vibration during the game, but it definitely supports vibration in non-essential situations such as countdown.

However, the Nintendo Switch was not as comfortable as other platforms due to the hardware limitations of the device. However, it was only because of the unavoidable limitations of the operating system and the performance of the hardware, and it was not inconvenient to actually play the game. Even during actual play, those who played on the Nintendo Switch recorded the highest score, proving the adage that masters do not blame their tools.

Seven new game modes have been added this season: Hexagon Ring, Volleyball, Speed ​​Circuit, Attack Track, Chunk Party, Whirlwind, and Blast Ball. All of them, like the previous Fall Guys, aren’t as difficult as you can tell, but they have a viciousness that sends them over there the moment they lose their mind.

Fall Guys Season 1

Aside from that, with the start of this season, Fall Guys has changed in many ways. And all these changes have the same direction as Fall Guys’ identity as a ‘party game’ .

First of all, in-party voice chat is supported. Even voice chat between different consoles . In addition, the minimum number of ‘custom shows’ that are not publicly available and can be played with friends has also been reduced, so now most of them can be played with two people. When placing a coffee bet after a meal, there is a higher level of competition than rock-paper-scissors.

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And, there is the ‘auto grab’ function. Normally you would have to press the grab button when you had to climb a high chin or hang somewhere, but now you can turn on the auto grab function in the options to make it easier to overcome terrain. This is a function that helps even those who are playing the game for the first time in their life can complete the course without difficulty.

As a result, through this update, ‘Fall Guys’ has become a ‘party game’ that can embrace more people. You can comfortably play on any platform, and as long as your account is linked, your progress will increase, so you can easily go to play. With voice chat support, custom show improvements, and completely free, it has become a game that you can play whenever you want. It has become an accessible means of play that is so easy to play that it has gone beyond the previous evaluation of a ‘well-made game’.

From the beginning, ‘Fall Guys’ was a game that didn’t say it wasn’t fun, although there were some disappointing parts. It can’t be fun to play a game where chunky jelly beans come out and slap sticks all the time. However, it has now transcended this and has taken ‘Gak’ as a full-fledged multiplayer party game. And, it has been reborn as a game that can catch everyone from light gamers who rarely play games to core gamers who want to play with someone.

Fall Guys Season 1 End Date | All of us Free Play
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