Where will the gaming gear end? ‘Gaming chopsticks’ Appeared

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Last updated on December 17th, 2022 at 02:01 pm

What is the limit of ‘gaming gear’? After gaming laptops, headsets, mice, and keyboards, ‘gaming chopsticks’ appeared this time.

All peripherals specialized for playing video games are collectively referred to as ‘gaming gear’. It can be said that the existence of ‘Gaming Gear’ is to make the game play more comfortable and comfortable by adding various additional elements. Even the products that come with it are often seen without being bored. The new ‘gaming chopsticks’ are also closer to the latter.


Gaming chopsticks Price

These chopsticks, which put the LED function on the front under the name of ‘shining gaming chopsticks’, were unveiled through ‘Dospara‘, a Japanese computer equipment sales site. The price is 580 yen (about $ 4.60 USD). The ‘Shanghai Wholesale Dealer’, which launched the product, said that it is a product that can express one’s passionate game love even at the dining table, and introduced it as a recommended product when you want to add ‘gaming feeling’ to an ordinary table

Gaming chopsticks
A dark room transforms into a ‘gaming space’ with just one chopstick

The function of gaming chopsticks is rather mediocre. When the button attached to the handle is pressed, the LED light attached to the tip of the chopsticks lights up, and the bottom made of transparent resin shines. The built-in LED light in the chopsticks supports a total of 9 colors, including RGB, so you can change the color to your heart’s content to match the mood or mood of the room.

It is important to create a gaming atmosphere, but first of all, as it is a tool used to pick up ‘food’, it looks like they paid attention to hygiene. The seller explained that the chopsticks are safe to use as they have been evaluated as ‘conformant’ by an inspection agency accredited by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare based on the Food Sanitation Act of Japan.

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The moment when gaming chopsticks shine the most is expected to be ‘when eating sweets while playing a game’. If you pick and eat most of the sweets that have been oil-treated with your hands, the keyboard, controller, and mouse are all likely to become dirty with oil. You can pick and eat sweets with ordinary chopsticks, but this breaks the ‘gaming atmosphere’. At this time, you can eat sweets neatly, and it is ‘gaming chopsticks’ that are used to maintain the gaming atmosphere..

Gaming chopsticks
▲ It is OK even if the room is dark. You can pinpoint sweets with the LED light of gaming chopsticks.

As gaming chopsticks are also ‘gaming gear’, there are several precautions to keep in mind before use. The first is that it cannot be used as cooking chopsticks. It seems that this is because the chopsticks may deform when exposed to the hot heat during cooking. The second is that when cleaning, the LED unit of the chopstick handle should be removed and only the body should be washed. For the same reason, never forget to remove the LED unit when using the dishwasher.

Currently, gaming chopsticks can only be purchased at Dospara stores in Japan or through the Dospara mail-order website.

gaming gear end?
You can enjoy the ‘gaming atmosphere’ for less than 7.94 $USD.
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