Griffon Korthals: all about this breed of dog

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The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, also called Wirehaired Pointing Griffon or Korthals, is a versatile, intelligent, and affectionate hunting dog.

Griffon Korthals: all about this breed of dog

In this article, discover everything you need to know about the Griffon Korthals: its education, behavior, and even joint illnesses.

Griffon Korthals: its origins and history

The Griffon Korthals is a breed of dog originating from France. It owes its name to a Dutchman, Eduard Karel Korthals, who decided to recreate the wire-haired griffon by crossing a French pointer, a barbet, and a pointer to obtain the breed as we know it today.


He thus selected seven founders according to their physical appearance and qualities of hunting and reproduction. The type was quickly fixed by inbreeding.

The Korthals Griffon stud book and its standard were established in 1886.

This breed was recognized in France by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in 1954. It belongs to Group 7 of Blood Search and Pointing Dogs – Section 1 (standard n°107).

Korthals: what are its morphological characteristics?

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a vigorous, rustic dog, with an average height of 55 to 60 cm at the withers for males and 50 to 55 cm in females for a weight varying from 23 to 27 kilos.

The body fits in a rectangle. The tail is carried horizontally, often with the tip raised.

The head is not too broad with a long, square muzzle. Thick eyebrows are located above the eyes, and thick mustaches and a beard go from the cheeks to the chops, which gives him a very expressive head.

The eyes are dark yellow or brown in color and round in shape. The ears are medium in size and set on the eye line.

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The coat is harsh and coarse, neither curly nor woolly, with a downy undercoat. The coat is preferably steel gray (brown mixed in white) with chestnut, rubican brown, or roan markings. White and brown and white and orange coats also exist and are permitted.

What is the character of this breed of dog?

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a versatile hunting dog, its sense of smell is extremely powerful. He is an enduring dog, capable of hunting for long hours. It is famous for hunting woodcock (like the cocker spaniel), but its versatility means it can hunt anything.

His hunting endurance makes him an energetic dog with a great need for both physical and mental exercise. The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is an active and athletic dog, he needs daily exercise and several long outings per week. The Griffon Korthals is clearly not made for living in an apartment.

This is a dog built and conditioned for outdoor activities and large spaces. A house with a large garden allowing him the possibility of moving freely and running would suit him perfectly.

On the character side, the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is described as a gentle and proud dog, very attached to his master and his environment. In this, he is a good goalkeeper. Playful and intelligent, he is a pleasant companion at home.

His education must be done with firmness but without brutality. This race has a strong character, the agreement with the congeners is sometimes difficult from were a work to carry out on the socialization as quickly as possible.

Wirehaired pointing griffon: how to take care of it?

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon’s fur is waterproof and provides effective protection against cold, heat, water, and brush. His coat requires weekly brushing.

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If one wishes to respect the standard of the race, the grooming of the head is entrusted to a professional. A well-typed Korthals griffon head must be well furnished with hair and well structured. The eyebrows should be well defined and not cover the eyes so as not to obscure the view. They must be trimmed (pulling out the dead hair and tapering the ends that are too long without cutting them).

Mustaches and beards must be provided to protect the face and give it its characteristic square shape.

Health of the Korthals: is it predisposed to certain diseases?

The Griffon Korthals is robust, it can live on average twelve years. Like all large to medium-sized dogs, he may have a predisposition to hip dysplasia.

He may suffer from follicular dysplasia unrelated to color. It is a dermatosis characterized by a structural anomaly of the hair follicle causing alopecia. It is independent of coat color, season and has no endocrine origin. This disease is also observed in Nordic breeds and mainly in water dogs.

Prostatic affections can also appear in certain Korthal subjects.

Breeding is to be chosen carefully to have a Griffon Korthals in good health and for a long time.

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