Guide to Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint in Phone Settings

How to Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint in Phone Settings
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How to Activate WhatsApp Fingerprint in Phone Settings – To protect WhatsApp from people who like to peek at chat, then you can activate fingerprint. Actually you can protect WhatsApp chats with a pattern or password, but fingerprints are definitely more secure.

How to Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint in Phone Settings

The reason is that everyone must have a different fingerprint that makes the WhatsApp application very difficult to open. Meanwhile, patterns and passwords can be guessed so easily.

Especially if someone uses a password for their birth date or the birthday of a loved one, it will be easier to guess. WhatsApp itself provides a feature that allows you to activate the fingerprint feature.


How to enable WhatsApp fingerprint? To find out the full answer, let’s watch this content to the end.

WhatsApp fingerprint lock settings are very easy. Because the majority of Android phones already support the fingerprint feature, so they don’t require any additional applications.

Here’s how to activate fingerprint lock in WhatsApp for HP Xiaomi Redmi 4X (for other cellphones, the method is more or less the same, just adjust it.

1. Create the Fingerprint

First please make the fingerprint first. You can use any of the five fingers to activate it. Like this is how to make it.

  • First, open the settings application.
  • Next select screen lock and fingerprint.
  • Next select add fingerprint.
  • Confirm your pattern if you have previously created a pattern.
  • Start adding your fingerprint by pressing the camera part with one finger, for example the index finger. Press for several times.
  • Name the fingerprint as desired. If so, click Finish.

2. How to Activate WhatsApp Fingerprint

Now that you have a fingerprint, the next step you need to do is how to apply it to WhatsApp.

  • First open the settings application first.
  • Select app lock.
  • Unlock app lock password with pattern.
  • Activate it on the WhatsApp application.
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So that’s how to activate WhatsApp fingerprint. Meanwhile, for how to turn off fingerprint WhatsApp in phone settings, just disable it by pressing the toggle button during the last step.

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