How do I study correctly and organize my children’s time with fasting! Ramadan at the height of study and exams

How do I study correctly and organize my children's time with fasting
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The holy month of Ramadan coincides with the time of study and exams, and tension and anxiety may dominate some mothers and students because of the idea of ​​taking exams in Ramadan, whether for all subjects or some of them, especially if the children are of an age group that is permissible for them to fast. And to overcome these fears and anxiety, the recipe offers you the following tips to make an easy routine to answer the question: How do I study correctly and organize my children’s time with fasting???

How do I study correctly and organize my children's time with fasting
How do I study correctly and organize my children’s time with fasting

First, the importance of psychological comfort for children:

Make sure, dear mother, to avoid fear, nervous tension and anxiety, while not transmitting these negative feelings to your children, because these feelings infiltrate the children and lead to disruption of their concentration and achievement and drain their energy.

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Second, family home visits:

With the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, most families are waiting. Family visits and engagements to reunite large family members over the Iftar tables, but this year you will have to change your Ramadan routine a bit. You may have to postpone Ramadan family visits until after the exams are over, or if you can’t refuse them, at least. Make your visit short and limit yourself to having breakfast so that your children’s bedtime does not change and you do not waste time studying for them. .

Third, encourage children to study:

You should know that you are the support and encouragement for your child, especially since all children start studying. They search effortlessly and tirelessly for everything that distracts them so that they do not study their lessons, and you can overcome this matter. By constantly encouraging them to study and motivating them with the things they love. And do not neglect it if you promised them a certain promise that you should not go back on.

Fourth, avoid fatty foods.

Fatty meals are one of the main factors of body inactivity, especially after breakfast. Therefore, you should reduce it or at least prevent it from being served to your children at the time of exams, as the stomach was surprised by large quantities of food after a long break. This causes an increase in blood flow to the digestive system, and a decrease in blood flow to the brain and the rest of the body, which means feeling drowsy, lethargic and lazy.

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To avoid this, you can only have dates and drink a glass of milk or eat salad and soup. Immediately after the Maghrib azan and postpone eating the rest of the meal in stages after an hour.

Fifth, do not forget to provide fluids and vitamins:

Dehydration of the body is the most important cause of exhaustion and fatigue associated with fasting in Ramadan. Not getting enough water, especially, and fluids in general, after breaking the fast, causes a general drop in energy levels. Therefore, it is very important to drink adequate amounts of water and nutritious, low-sugar juices. And do not forget to replace your children with nutritional supplements and vitamins in order to raise the stimulation of brain work and memory, such as omega 3 and vitamin D, B.

Sixth, the appropriate time to study:

The appropriate time to study is to study two hours after breakfast. It is the best time to study, as the body has cut through a large stage of the digestion process, which helps your children to get rid of the stage of fatigue, fatigue and lethargy. that hit them immediately after breakfast.

Seventh: Maintain a sleep regime

Sleep schedules may be disturbed for many during the holy month of Ramadan. Therefore, it is very important to oblige your children to get a sufficient and abundant amount of sleep, not less than 6 hours a day. So that the mind is in a state of constant alertness, and sleep can be organized to two hours before breakfast time, then rest after breakfast and study until midnight, then light Suhoor and sleep Continued into the next morning.

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Thus, we have provided some ideas and tips to answer the question: How do I remember correctly and organize my children’s time with fasting??

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