How to Apply for Florida Business Grants

How to Apply for Florida Business Grants
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Florida Small Business Grants

With more than $31,979.00 million dollars in grants and additional local government funding sources of $22,686.00 million dollars, the majority of the federal budget in government grants is put into the business sector every year as small businesses and large corporations are the foundation of the economic growth in Florida. There are 399,819 business establishments in the state of Florida, and they break down below.

Funding New Business in Florida To Apply for Florida Business Grants

Many people who work want to start and run their own business. Many different people have been setting up businesses for a very long time. However, the cost of starting a small business in today’s world has made this a difficult and sometimes frightening process. There are more and more costs to start a business, so the amount of money you need to start the business usually needs to be a lot more than it used to be. It’s changing, though. At least in Florida, more and more people can start their own business.

Loans are the most common way for people who want to start a business to get the money they need. However, there are often rules, strict repayment plans, and high interest rates that make taking out a small business loan a bad idea. While this is true for some people, many people in the State of Florida are getting business grants to help them start their own business.

A small business grant from the State of Florida is not a loan, but rather a “gift” that doesn’t require you to repay it.

It can help you start and grow a new business. Once you get them, they usually give you enough money to get by without having to pay back the money or pay extra in interest. While the new entrepreneur would have to apply for a grant, there are a lot of programs in this state that can help all kinds of people, especially women, veterans, and a lot of different groups of people.

Who wants to start a small business in the State of Florida. These grants can not only help start a business, but they also provide enough money to make it more likely to last and make more money for its owners. People in Florida can get grants for small businesses, and Hardee County can help people who want to start or run a small business.

Florida Business Grants ,Apply for Florida Business Grants

Obtaining funds to start a new business or expand an existing small business can be difficult. Thankfully, the State of Florida offers a variety of programs to help small business owners start and grow their companies. Every year, the Florida business grants program provides thousands of dollars to help stimulate economic growth across the state.

The best part of getting a grant for your small business is that it is free money. This distinguishes them from traditional loans and makes them one of the best ways to fund your new business. Moreover, the sheer number of small business grants available makes them easily accessible. The State of Florida offers many through the Department of Economic Opportunity, but there are also numerous federal grants available, with large amounts given away each year.

Private subsidies are often easier to obtain for specific types of businesses or local geographic areas. Workforce Florida Inc., for example, provides grants to Florida businesses. Women, minorities, and other groups are more likely to receive grants.

Applying for Florida business grants, whether state, federal, or private, is also simple. Most organizations have online application forms. By finding and completing these forms, you and your small business may be one step closer to future success.  Hardee County Economic Development Council can help you obtain them.

Florida Business Grants vs Business Loans

Many people who are starting or expanding a small business believe that loans are a good source of funding. While loans are not always a bad option, and may even be necessary in some cases, grants are often a better option. This is because, unlike loans, business grants have no repayment obligations and no associated interest costs.

Banks and credit unions across the state and country do offer Florida business loans, but they are not free. Obviously, loans must be repaid within a certain time frame, putting additional strain on the business. Moreover, many lending agencies charge high interest rates because they are uncertain about your company’s performance. Business grants, on the other hand, are essentially “free money.” Rather than worrying about monthly loan repayments, you can focus on helping your new or growing business succeed.

However, business loans are easily obtained from banks or credit agencies, whereas business grants are awarded to businesses that meet certain criteria. This makes business grants more difficult to obtain than loans, making loans appear more appealing. Regardless, there are numerous Florida and federal business grants available from both public and private sources. If you can find and secure these grants, the rewards far outweigh the work involved.

With so many Florida business grants available, you can get the funding you need to start and grow your own small business with the best financial options available. Call at 863-773-3030 to learn more about Florida business grants and how the Hardee County Economic Development Council can help you obtain them.

What Florida Business Grants Are For

Free money to start or grow a small business may sound too good to be true, but it is a reality for many Florida entrepreneurs. Grants are large sums of money awarded to qualified small businesses. Since these grants are interest-free, they can really help new and fledgling businesses start and thrive.

Why would private organizations or the State and Federal government help provide this funding? These grants are intended to help small businesses stimulate local economies. Helping a business grow allows it to provide goods and services to specific communities, which helps local economies grow. Generally, as businesses grow, so do residential areas and other commercial centers.

Grants are sometimes given to small businesses for specific reasons, helping the micro economy. For example, business grants to hire new workers help boost employment rates and create more job opportunities, which not only benefit the locals but also attract newcomers. Grants to established businesses for research and development can help them develop new products and technologies that benefit everyone. Small businesses can receive grants to promote international trade if they already use foreign products. These grants are usually given to businesses that are weak in those areas to help them survive and grow.

Florida business grants often help to stimulate and serve the communities where these small businesses are located. The State gives grants to local communities to improve their quality of life.

Startup Businesses and Florida Grants

Finding the funds to create and invest in a new small business is one of the most difficult steps. The downside is that commercial property in Florida is expensive, making it difficult for new businesses to get started. The good news is that Florida has many grants available to help new businesses thrive. These funds are given to small businesses across the state and country, but federal grants typically only support established small businesses.

Thankfully, the state offers more grants for new businesses. This is because the state and many private organizations recognize the difficulty new or hopeful small business owners have in getting their company going. Some of these grants are available through the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s website. If awarded, they will be a huge help in funding your new venture.

Private organizations, particularly in Florida, also fund new businesses with grants. Every year, Enterprise Florida awards hundreds of thousands of dollars to local businesses. These businesses must meet their standards, but they are awarded to all fields. Small business grants are sometimes available. Some Florida universities, like the University of Florida and the University of South Florida, award grants to businesses to develop new research. However, they may be applicable to your business idea.

Whatever field you want to start a business in, there are numerous options available in Florida to fund and boost your local startup business. The Hardee County Economic Development Council can help you start a business in the area or find grants to help you fund your startup.

Florida Business Sector Breakdown by Size:

  • 274,647 registered businesses in Florida have 0 to 4 employees. People who work at home with sole proprietorship are included in this breakdown.
  • 57,678 registered businesses in Florida have 5 to 9 employees.
  • 32,043 registered businesses in Florida have 10-19 employees.
  • 25,195 registered businesses in Florida have 20-99 employees.
  • 5,899 registered businesses in Florida have 100 to 499 employees.
  • Over 4,357 registered businesses in Florida have over 500 employees.

Florida Business Sector Breakdown in Service Industries:

  • 68,559 registered businesses in Florida are in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services sector.
  • 32,848 registered businesses in Florida are in the Administrative, Support, Waste Management, and Remediation Services sector.
  • 35,110 registered businesses in Florida are in the Accommodation and Food Services sector.
  • More than 43,848 registered businesses in Florida are also service orientated businesses but are not categorized to the above sectors.

If you are in the farming industry, you may be eligible to apply for small business grants as well. There are more than 47,000 farms in the state of Florida.

Starting and managing a small business in Florida is not an easy task. Over $253,360,000,000.00 US dollars are paid to employee salaries/payroll alone in the state of Florida and more than 107,382 businesses declare bankruptcy every single year. Although the federal government does not publicly provide grants for starting and expanding a business, in Florida, some small business grants are given to business owners to start and grow their ventures, and grant recipients do not have to pay back the funding from government. Therefore, it makes sense to look into small business grants as one of your sources to fund your business.

Recently State funding opportunities:

Below is a list of opportunities recently published in the local state:

Recent State Funding Opportunities
Recent State Funding Opportunities

Quick facts about government grants

  • The United States government has been issuing grants for the past century.
  • Grants are offered to eligible applicants in order to support specific public purpose. Therefore, the United States government does not offer any grants to support any individuals or organizations for their own financial gains.
  • The majority of the funding opportunities are for businesses and organizations. Therefore, government grants are not for everyone.

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Grant application guides and resources

It is always free to apply for government grants. However the process may be very complex depending on the funding opportunity you are applying for. Let us help you!