How to check the balance of Etisalat Emirates? 3 simple steps

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How to check the balance of Etisalat Emirates? Here are 3 simple steps, Etisalat is one of the best cellular companies in the UAE that is leading the market with huge numbers of users, Etisalat has earned the trust of its users by offering high-quality services and reasonable packages for international and local calls, are there several new customers who have no idea How to check the balance in Etisalat? This post will help them to know the details of Etisalat Balance Check, by browsing this post on the galaxy website, you will get all the details and output of Etisalat Balance Check.

How to check the balance of Etisalat Emirates

How to check the balance of Etisalat Emirates prepaid SIM?

Balance check process is simple:

  • You can use the Etisalat Balance Inquiry Code to check your Etisalat balance in the UAE by dialing *121# from your prepaid SIM.
  • Call 121 and an Etisalat representative will tell you your Etisalat mobile balance within a few seconds.

How to inquire about the Etisalat prepaid SIM balance?

Etisalat has a large number of postpaid users and it is not easy for everyone to remember
the different codes, if you want to know the Etisalat Emirates postpaid SIM balance, this is
the code for you:


How to check Etisalat postpaid balance

Dial the code: *140# from your SIM card.

How do I know my Etisalat balance?

The other way to check the SIM card balance is by dialing *232#.

How to know the balance of Etisalat bill

If you have a GLO network you can check your balance by dialing 1241#.

How do I know the balance of Etisalat in the MTN network?

But, if you are using MTN network, you can check your mobile balance by dialing *556#.

Check Etisalat Internet Balance

You can view Etisalat Emirates balance for data and related information within your account
overview, you will need to dial the code *121#.

Continuing to talk about the Etisalat Emirates balance, we talk in the following lines about
the process of recharging the Etisalat Emirates balance.

How do I recharge Etisalat credit?

Etisalat UAE offers facilities for those whose balance drops during calls, if your mobile
phone balance is less than 1 dirham, you are eligible for the process of recharging Etisalat
balance to get credit, you can benefit from this service by calling *108#

Free Etisalat recharge from the internet

You can do this through easy shipping methods that we explain below:

How do I top up Etisalat credit using the My Etisalat UAE app?

Download the free My Etisalat UAE app , create your account, view your information,
recharge and more. The app is available for you on the Apple App Store and Google Play

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How do I enter Etisalat balance by automatic payment method?

Set up automatic payments for all your prepaid and postpaid accounts, just log in to the
Etisalat UAE website or My Etisalat UAE mobile app, specify the amount and date and don’t
miss out on the Etisalat UAE balance.

How to add Etisalat credit through fast recharge

Log in to to recharge Etisalat easily and quickly. Enter your mobile number, amount, and pay with your credit or debit card.

How to recharge Etisalat credit through Etisalat Online services

Recharge your prepaid mobile account easily from here .
You can choose to pay with your credit or debit card.

How to recharge Etisalat balance from recharge cards and e-vouchers

You have to purchase an Etisalat recharge card or an online e-voucher from any outlet or
from Etisalat agents, then simply recharge your balance by dialing *120#.

We talked above about the Etisalat Emirates balance checking service in different ways and
about the methods of recharging the balance, we move on to:

What is the Etisalat Balance Transfer Service?

Balance transfer service from Etisalat is a service that allows the Emirates Etisalat customer
to easily transfer credit from his account, whether it is a postpaid account or a prepaid
account, to another line.

How can I transfer the balance from one account to another?

You can transfer the balance from your account to another account in a very easy and fast
way, you just need to write a certain command on the screen of your mobile phone (not as
a text message) and then press the send key as follows:

How to transfer Etisalat balance

If you are asking how do I transfer Etisalat balance? The answer is easy through the Etisalat
credit transfer method, which is: * Etisalat Credit Transfer Code * Mobile Phone Number *
Amount to be transferred # Then press send.

What is the Etisalat Credit Transfer Code?

The Etisalat Balance Transfer Code for the Etisalat Balance Transfer Service is: 100. For
example, if the customer wants to transfer 15 AED to a number: 050xxxxxxx, he must send
the code in the following way:


How to transfer Etisalat credit to du?

Although DU presented strong competition to Etisalat, Etisalat did not lose its subscribers overall. Both networks provided great offers and services to their customers related to knowing the balance of Etisalat Emirates and others, in particular, the service of transferring the balance from Etisalat to Du. Etisalat recently launched its mobile wallet known as Etisalat Wallet, which is used for transactions, bill payments and much more.

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How to transfer your balance from Etisalat to Du?

Together these two telecom companies offer a great service to their customers of transferring credit from one network to another, many of them do not know that they can share their credit with friends or family even though they belong to another network and it is only one SMS.
How do I degrease Etisalat balance? Follow these steps:
Dial *100 * [prepaid phone number] * [transfer amount] # then press send.
Or you can transfer directly through the Etisalat UAE app.
With these simple steps, you can share any amount of your balance with your friends.

But there are a few terms and conditions to note:

  • You must have enough credit to participate.
  • There will be some transfer fee charged from your balance which is charged 0.25%of the amount you shared with 5% VAT.
  • It is possible to transfer the Etisalat Emirates balance per month of 500 dirhams to a prepaid account and 1500 dirhams to a postpaid account.
  • The minimum transfer amount is 2 dirhams and the maximum is 150 dirhams.

How to transfer credit from Etisalat to different networks around the world

Apart from this, Etisalat has provided another service which is the transfer of Etisalat Emirates balance to other networks around the world. Few of the reputable banks subscribe to this service like ADIB, the bank provides credit cards where you can redeem rewards on mobile phone bills from Etisalat.

How to transfer Etisalat Emirates balance by check or Etisalat ADIB card

Etisalat is known for providing the best services to its customers, from the UAE Etisalat network to any network in the world.

The steps to follow are:

  1. Enter the number you want to share your balance with country code and SMS to 1700 let’s say you are sending to India then the India code is +91 and the number is 9123456789 so send +919123456789 to 1700 in an SMS.
  2. You just need to follow the instructions accordingly which will ask for the credit you want to share.
  3. You need to enter according to the currency of the United Arab Emirates i.e. dirham and your friend will get the money according to his currency.
  4. If you give a wrong destination number, your transaction will be rejected and you will need to start again from the top.
  5. If you have the correct destination number, your phone balance will be low and you will receive an SMS accordingly.
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After we talked about knowing the Etisalat Etisalat balance and the ways to recharge Etisalat Etisalat’s balance, and knowing how to transfer Etisalat Etisalat’s balance, we talk about the following

Etisalat SIM Codes

Communications users can subscribe/unsubscribe to any offer, check remaining data etc.
from the codes specified below:

UAE telecom codes 2021

  • Code: 101 is the Emirates Etisalat customer service number.
  • Code: 100 Transfer the balance of Etisalat Emirates via: 100phone number*amount#
  • Code: 121 is for checking the balance of prepaid packages via: *121# or by calling 121 directly.
  • Code: 140 is to check the balance of postpaid packages via: *140#.
  • Code: 188 is for dialing a call via: *188*phone number#.
  • Code: 1321 is for billing via: 1321 then the phone number.
  • The code: 7726 is to unsubscribe from the SMS service for one person by: sending the sender code to the number 7726.
  • Code: 7726 is to unsubscribe from Etisalat Emirates SMS service by sending b Etisalat to 7726.
  • Code: 7726 is to unsubscribe from Etisalat UAE offers by sending b all to 7726.
  • Code: 122 is for recharging the package from your phone via: *122#
  • Etisalat offers credit transfer facility to its users.
  • You can transfer credit to any Etisalat user by dialing 100number*amount#.
  • You can send a minimum of 5 dirhams to 100 dirhams to any Etisalat user within a few minutes at no cost.

Etisalat offers credit transfer facility to its users.
You can transfer credit to any Etisalat user by dialing 100number*amount#.
You can send a minimum of 5 dirhams to 100 dirhams to any Etisalat user within a few minutes at no cost.

Recharge Etisalat Misr balance

You can recharge Etisalat Misr balance through the recharge card and via: 556#, the card number, or you can call 555 and follow the recharge steps.

And here, my friends, our words about how to check the balance of Etisalat Emirates have ended? Here are 3 simple steps, and we also talked about how to top up Etisalat balance with the steps, and we also mentioned how to transfer Etisalat balance and other distinguished services to Etisalat Emirates Company. Galaxy website.

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