How to convert negative words to positive

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Last updated on November 26th, 2022 at 03:33 pm

It is said that “ Young people today have a negative mindset. ”

It’s just that negative words can also sound good depending on how you catch it. So today I will introduce an example of making a negative words positive.

How to convert negative words to positive
How to convert negative words to positive

How to turn negative words into positivity

First of all, the word negative leads to a negative image.

To be negative means to think deeply about everything. He is a person who thinks of the worst patterns and acts in the best way.

There are times when it is not possible to settle anything with a positive “It will work out!”.

  • What should I do if I confess and get dumped → I’ll assume what happens when I get dumped
  • What to do if your presentation fails → Let’s make a spare document
  • What should I do if I don’t get a good score on the test → Let’s cover it with another subject
  • What should I do if I can’t decide this PK → The game is still long so I can get it back

Negative thoughts aren’t bad, are they?

It’s the same with words. If you can think of a negative word, please try to paraphrase it with the word on the right.

There is no doubt that there will be many bright and positive people who will gather and be happy.

  • “Pervert” ⇒ “Familiar with a certain kind of knowledge”
  • “Bad taste” ⇒ “I have my own world”
  • “Smell” ⇒ “Pheromones are overflowing”
  • “Unsociable” ⇒ “Do not sell flattery”
  • “Sociable smile” ⇒ “Can read the atmosphere”
  • “getting bored easily” ⇒ “switching feelings quickly”
  • “Shallow” ⇒ “Quick to take action”
  • “Irresponsible” ⇒ “Generous”
  • “stubborn” ⇒ “strong-willed”
  • “Shyness” ⇒ “Modest”
  • “pretentious” ⇒ “robust”
  • “Glass Heart” ⇒ “Delicate”
  • “Weak” ⇒ “Gentle”
  • “Disgusting” ⇒ “has a strong presence”
  • “Easy to cut” ⇒ “Odense”
  • “Dark” ⇒ “Calm”
  • “Onchi” ⇒ “Arrangement that no one can imitate”
  • “Lack of planning” ⇒ “Ability to take action”
  • “Grumbling” ⇒ “Refreshing”
  • “Lonely” ⇒ “Independent”
  • “Lonely” ⇒ “Sensitive to kindness”
  • “Tongue Tara” ⇒ “Agyo”
  • “No tension” ⇒ “Your shoulders are loose”
  • “I’m lazy” ⇒ “Honest about my feelings”
  • “Lack of sleep” ⇒ “I have a lot of hobbies”
  • “Cunning” ⇒ “Smart”
  • “Short-sighted” ⇒ “Quick decision”
  • “Fat” ⇒ “I can eat deliciously”
  • “Crybaby” ⇒ “Can express emotions honestly”
  • “Notenki” ⇒ “Positive”
  • “fool” ⇒ “obedient”
  • “Pessimistic” ⇒ “Imaginative”
  • “Unfair” ⇒ “Human”
  • “High pride” ⇒ “Proud”
  • “Egoistic” ⇒ “Rational”
  • “Loose” ⇒ “Relax”
  • “selfish” ⇒ “I like myself”
  • “Otaku” ⇒ “Familiar with a certain kind of knowledge”
  • “Out of fashion” ⇒ “not swept away by the times”
  • “Common” ⇒ “Popular”
  • “Cheap” ⇒ “Reasonable”
  • “Old” ⇒ “Antique”
  • “I’m old” ⇒ “I feel like an adult”
  • “Happo Beauties” ⇒ “Sociable”
  • “Cunning” ⇒ “quick-witted”
  • “Role-like” ⇒ “Logical”
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Negative words can suddenly become positive just by rephrasing them. Just by rephrasing, the impression changes completely, doesn’t it?

If you are about to say negative words, try to convert them with this momentum.

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Life changes depending on whether the words you use everyday are negative or positive

Life changes depending on whether the words you use everyday are negative or positive

We use words casually, but it is no exaggeration to say that the words we use everyday are reflected in our actions and affect our lives.

If you casually use only negative words on a daily basis, it may be safe to say that that person’s life will not progress in a very good direction.

You should be careful with your words because you use them often, but don’t you think positive words are better if you use them anyway?

By using positive words on a regular basis, your thoughts will become positive and your actions will also appear positively.

It is not an exaggeration to say that you can change your life just by changing negative words to positive words, so please try to use it consciously from today.

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Positive phrases to use when you’re tired

When you’re tired, you tend to say negative words.

However, at such times, it is important to convert negative words into positive words and use them.

For example, even though you and the people around you are tired, no one will be happy if you throw out negative words as if to add to the blow.

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So try to use bright and positive words when you’re tired.
Below are examples of positive words that you can use when you are tired, so please use them as a reference.

  • Tired = “Thank you for your hard work!”
  • Busy = “I can still do it! It’s okay!”
  • I can’t = “I’ll try! Let’s try!”

Negative thinking can be improved by simply rephrasing the words you use

Negative thoughts can be improved simply by rephrasing the words they use.

It may be difficult at first if you are not conscious of it, but once you get used to it, you will be able to use positive words, so practice is necessary until you get used to it.

As I mentioned earlier, words have the power to change your life. Here are some quotes from the world-famous Mother Teresa.

“Watch your thoughts, for they will become words. Be careful with your words, because they will become actions. Watch your actions, because they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character. Be careful with your character, because it will become your destiny.

(Mother Teresa)

Just by rephrasing the words you usually use, you have the potential to change your life, so please try to be conscious of using positive words on a regular basis.

Positive quotes that improve negative thinking

Here are some positive quotes that will improve your negative thinking.

“Should be fine. Do not worry. I can handle it.

 (Ikkyu Sojun)

“If a problem is solvable and you can do something about it, don’t worry. If the problem is unsolvable, there is no point in worrying. There is nothing to be gained from worrying about anything. 

(14th Dalai Lama)

“A man who has never failed is a man who has never tried anything new. ’


If you’ve done the best you can, worrying won’t make things better. I worry about many things, but I don’t worry about overflowing water from the dam.

(Walt Disney)

After bad times, good times will come. In general, people who accomplish things always wait for the right time to come.

Wait quietly for the time to come.

(Konosuke Matsushita, founder of Panasonic)

All bad thoughts are positive. Things that were painful and sad will surely come to bloom someday.

Painful things and sad things are necessary things to be happy. Don’t give up when it blooms and bears fruit.

(Akihiro Miwa)

I missed over 9,000 shots and lost 300 games. He was entrusted with the final shot and missed 26 times. I have failed over and over again in my life. That’s why I succeeded.

(Michael Jordan)

In order to get 4000 hits, in terms of my numbers, I’ve been frustrated more than 8000 times. Also, there is always the fact that I have faced myself in my own way, so if I can be proud of that, I think that is it.


There is no glory without suffering.

(Cristiano Ronaldo)

There’s no end to the list, but the great people we all know have achieved success after a series of hardships and failures, so don’t give up.

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If you think that you are using negative words on a regular basis, please read the quotes of the great greats like the one above once again.

Maybe it will help you get used to being positive.

Positive expressions are essential in business

Positive expression is important not only in your personal life, but also in business .

For example, if you were a salesperson, you wouldn’t use negative words to make a sales pitch to your business.

In order to better convey the merits of products and services, I think that your superiors will also instruct you to use positive expressions.

Every product or service has a negative side. However, just by rephrasing using the negative aspect, the impression changes completely.

If you use only negative words on a regular basis, you may unconsciously use negative words at work, so be careful.


Humans are very negative creatures.

However, if you take everything negatively, things that seem to be going well will not go well. First of all, it’s good to start with a small thing, so let’s think positively and make use of it for yourself tomorrow.

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