How to do freelancing with mobile? Learn 100% Effective Ways!

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Last updated on September 26th, 2022 at 07:53 am

Many people want to know whether it is possible to do freelancing with mobile or whether it is possible to earn money online with mobile. I have appeared before you today with detailed and accurate data on these issues. How to make money with mobile if you search on google / YouTube? If you search by typing how to do freelancing with mobile, you will find thousands of videos. The majority of these are videos, but they are spam. Maybe even a small income from some of the sites they offer. But there is no guarantee that you will be able to make that money.

How to do freelancing with mobile?
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That’s why if you really want to do something with mobile. Then you must do something good. Skills need to be developed in a specific subject. Then you can work in different marketplaces with that skill. You may have heard of freelancer, Upwork , fiverr


Is the largest freelancing marketplace in the world. In the meantime, I have seen 12000 job categories on, out of which I have got 30/40 categories which you can do with your mobile.

We will try to discuss step by step what these categories are and how they work.

Translation and language

Translation and language is one of the categories that can work with mobile devices. Now if you want to work in the translation and language category you need to know a lot of languages. In this case, if you only understand one language, you cannot do this job.

In order for the translator to work, you must translate from one language to another. In that case if you only know one language, it will not happen.
When translating, you must translate a language from one language to another. It can be from Bengali to English. Again from English to Bengali. Bengali to Urdu. It may be necessary to convert from Hindi to English etc. For that you must know three to four languages ​​or more. If you have these skills, you can do the work of a translator using your mobile device.

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Writing and content category

There are also writing and content categories. Under this category you will find numerous sub-categories. Which you can do with your mobile. Such as: Article Writing, Article Writing, Blog Writing, Blog Commenting, Academic Writing, Forum Posting, Medical Writing, Proofreading, Product Description etc.

Academic Writing: Suppose I have to submit a paper or do some academic work, which is writing work. I have to submit research information on a subject, in which case I can hire someone to write my academic writings. Lots of such work is available in the freelancing markets. Which can be done very easily with a mobile.

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Article writing and rewriting

Many people confuse article writing and rewriting. Article writing and rewriting are different things.

Writing is when you have to write an article. And rewriting is that the buyer will give you an article, you will rewrite that article, that is, you will bring some changes in the words that you will give them in that direction.

Or the client will tell you that I have seen an article on such a website. You can rewrite that article and create a new article. Such simple tasks you can do with your mobile if you want. Because typing works we can do it very well on mobile. We do not need a PC laptop or desktop for this.

Blog writing

If you want to do blogging for a client. Write him a blog, then you can. It is like writing on a specific subject like article writing. Moreover, if you want to create your own blog, you can. You can start blogging by selecting a specific niche. If you want to do blogging yourself, then you must read this article on how to make money by blogging. Here I have discussed in detail how to do blogging with mobile.

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Many people may be wondering what is nice? Nice is actually a topic. The subject on which you will do a blog or writing articles. Think health is a niche. The blogs that you write about health are your Health Nice blogs.

Forum posting

The job of forum posting is that the client will give you a list of a forum or you will have to find the list. Suppose I have a topic, I have a drug, I have any kind of product, I want to promote it in different forums. So here is a list of all the medical related forums and I will go there and do comment or post.

In this case, there are some rules. You will not be able to promote the product link there at the beginning. There are many ways to grow a forum profile. These topics are basically forum posting related work.

Customer support

The tasks that are related to customer support are fine phone support telephone handling. Transcription, Virtual Assistant etc. But we can do such things with our mobile devices if we want.

Think of a large company that needs phone support. Their customers will call a number. Then they will give you a virtual number with which you will respond. And communicate with them. They will answer the questions that their customers need. However, you can do it with your own mobile at home.


Transcription is basically the same as translate related work. Here only the client will give you a large audio file or video file. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. It is often seen that different seminars are held in different places. Online is a live webinar. It can be seen that he gave a video from these. Then you have to listen to those video dialogues and write them down. These are basically transcription works.

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Virtual assistant

Virtual Assistant has no definite boundaries. Suppose I hired a virtual assistant and now I will do the work with him. In this case, if you hire him as a virtual assistant, but you can’t do the same thing with him. So there is nothing different about virtual assistants. The work of this virtual assistant can also be done with mobile.

These are basically the categories of the freelancing marketplace. Which you can do with your mobile phone. There are numerous sub-categories that you can see when you visit the freelancing marketplaces.

All of the categories we’ve talked about so far are 100 percent possible on mobile, but not all. You can choose the tasks that you think I can do 100% with my mobile.

I am telling you again that the videos that are online, how to make money with mobile, payment for development, these are, 99% fake. And from the ones that are true you may be able to do some amount for some time. But you can’t learn anything from them, you can develop your skills.

So don’t be fooled by such videos or ads. If you really want to make an income and have a freelancing career in the online world, then you can choose the ones that I have discussed above. You do not need a laptop or PC for this, you can easily do the work of freelancing with your mobile phone if you do a little Google YouTube Ghataghati.

So you should never step on such spam videos. Learn something to develop your own skills. Average your career in the marketplace. Thank you.

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