How to drop a popular woman! 5 points when approaching

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I tried to make “how to drop a popular woman, how to persuade” by referring to the opinions of popular women. All the popular female friends are very cautious about men. What kind of men would popular women forgive? Here are five points to approach and drop.

How to drop a popular woman! 5 points when approaching
How to persuade a good woman who is popular and vigilant?

A girl friend who had worked for an airline company said.
“If a man invites you to go out for dinner, you’ll be very cautious …”

In retrospect, she wasn’t the only one saying that. All the popular female friends are very cautious about men. Women who are popular often meet men who try to persuade themselves just because they want to sleep.


What kind of men would popular women forgive? Although it is my personal opinion, I tried to make a “how to persuade a popular woman” by referring to the opinions of popular women.

How to drop a popular woman : 5 points when approaching

  • Don’t invite “Let’s meet alone”
  • Weak to men who show favor from the first day of dating
  • Don’t boast about your status
  • Preparing shops and situations that you can argue with
  • The approach should be overkill

1. Don’t invite “Let’s meet alone”

“I try not to return emails when I’m told to meet a man I just met alone. Because being alone is usually a man with only a decency.”
by Anne Suzuki-chan-like female friend

It may be called an exaggeration, but this is a common sense story in the popular women’s industry. Women who are popular are often disgusted by men who approach only their appearance and youth, so they are overly cautious about inviting them. If it’s your second time to meet, it’s better to invite your friends to meet with a few people, or if you’re alone, choose a lunch or tea time.

Only when you know each other and your alertness is released, you can invite them to “date”. The point is to make people think, “This person is looking at my contents properly, so I can rest assured.”

2. Weak to men who show favor from the first day of dating

There are many women who say, “I’m not good at men who approach hard,” but I think it’s different only for women who are popular. There are two reasons. One is because I’m used to the approach. Second, you can take the approach as love.

A popular woman loves to be loved, so I recommend you to love her from the first day of the date. Specifically, complimenting is also a good means. “Your skin is beautiful” or “The gesture is cute”. There are many ways to convey your “like” without making a confession, so it’s easy to shorten the distance if you have that variation.

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It’s also good to ask jokingly, “I’m arguing today, is that okay?” Don’t be discouraged if you are told “No”. There is a possibility at the time of dating, so accept the female “no good” as a social decree and approach it more and more.

3. Don’t boast about your status

There are women in the world who are attracted to the status of “where and where the company” or “how much is the annual income”, so men with high status may inadvertently brag about their status during a date, but this is prohibited. .. In front of a popular woman, I think that boasting of status can only be negative. This is because a man who has an arrogant attitude because of his high status may have been arrogant.

While the popular women feel that they want to see what’s inside, they also want to know what’s inside and like it. So even if you have a status, you don’t have to dare to say it yourself. Even if you lose your status, the remaining elements are attractive as a human being, so a man who can compete there
You can capture the heart of a woman whose sex is popular.

4. Preparing shops and situations that you can argue with

Men who are good at dating are the best! I will never forget!”

During this time, the women who were popular when they had a girls-only gathering said in unison. From that word, it can be seen that the content of the date and the selection of the store are important in order to break through the iron wall guard of the popular woman.

It’s a classic, but I think it’s good to know “a shop that can be persuaded”. Italian and Japanese foods are safe as the genre of food. There is a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, and although it is casual, it has a nice atmosphere and dark lighting. If the price is too high, it will make you nervous, so the best budget is about ¥ 5,000 to ¥ 10,000 per person. In Tokyo, there are easy-to-use shops in the Hiroo, Ebisu, Meguro, and Nishiazabu areas.

You should use the mysterious magic that the atmosphere improves for some reason when there are many foreigners in the clerk and customers. As for how to sit, it is recommended to sit side by side at the counter seats. The counter seats are closer to each other and it’s easier to argue. You can’t really underestimate the choice of store. It makes women think that “this person is serious” when choosing a store is the best, and that alone can convey their favor.

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It is good to prepare not only the shop but also the situation where you can argue. For example, an outing date. You can invite them under the name of “day trip”, rent a car and go out in the daytime. The destination can be any sightseeing spot, so anyway, let’s go to “an extraordinary place that you wouldn’t normally go to” alone. It is important to draw out and share the feelings of “fun” and “happy” in order to persuade a woman, and if you go to an extraordinary place, that alone may increase your tension and make you like it.

And above all, the best thing about outing dates is that you don’t want to go home (laughs).

You can invite them by the natural flow, such as “I’m late, so let’s stay at the hot spring and go home.”

5. The approach should be overkill

“The reason I got along with him was because he contacted me every day and approached me.” By a former model girl friend

5. The approach should be overkill
Try chasing and pulling. Good at scooping!

Some people may not be able to take a step further even if they want to argue because they are afraid of being disliked, but don’t worry. What a woman who is popular with her partner. If she really wants to argue, just contact her every day. Because a popular woman has a part to evaluate her opponent’s momentum and like it. For example, if she didn’t receive an email on the 8th day from someone who sent her an email for a week in a row, she might be wondering, “What’s wrong?”

I’m used to being approached, so sometimes I get anxious when it disappears, and the positions of the chasing side and the chased side are reversed. I don’t recommend it because it makes you feel uncomfortable if you aim for it, but unless you say “persistent” or “stop”, the approach should be overkill. Women are vulnerable to pushing.

A popular woman wants to be persuaded by a man who does not have the goal of “squeezing”

How do you persuade a male friend who can persuade a popular woman? When I asked the question, I got the following answer.

“It’s not the goal to argue. It’s not that I have no motives, but the feeling of wanting to know more about the child is prioritized. When I date or talk to want to know more, it naturally becomes like that. To go…”

I thought that a man who can think like this is a partner who can love a popular woman with peace of mind. In fact, there is a story in the popular women’s industry that she promised to “let’s go out”, but when she opened her lid, her boyfriend and girlfriend did not develop into a relationship.

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Why does that happen?

Normally, it seems that men sort out “serious” and “play” before arguing. However, when I see a beautiful woman or a sexy woman in front of me, the feeling of “I want to argue” comes out first before sorting. It feels like “I tried climbing because there is a mountain”, and instinct prevails over reason.

So, in the end, I think that my consciousness concentrates only on arguing, and after arguing, I don’t know what to do next. Strictly speaking, the relationship is almost a boyfriend, but in terms of distance, it’s not a boyfriend, but a state like “boyfriend attempted”. Men may be happy with that, but the shock is great because the popular woman was persuaded to be her.

This is a gray zone that does not belong to the “serious” or “play” category, so it is really difficult to determine how the relationship will settle down even for a popular woman who can sensitively detect the feelings of men. It’s hard for a popular woman because she doesn’t get sick even after she’s been persuaded.

That is why women who are popular are attracted to men who do not have the goal of persuading. She doesn’t end up climbing a mountain, but a person who is guaranteed to continue to have a relationship. A man who argues “I want to know her” and “I want to make her happy” has a good chance that her popular woman can become a man she doesn’t want to let go of. I want you to convey your sincere feelings.

Is it difficult for a popular woman? Bothersome?

Is it difficult for a popular woman? Bothersome?
The interaction between men and women is complicated and troublesome !?

I think there are some men who read this far and have the impression that “a popular woman is troublesome” or “it seems impossible to date a popular woman because it seems to cost money”. However, rather than a man who gives up immediately because it is difficult, a man who thinks “I can’t help it though it’s troublesome” and “I want to take my favorite woman to various places on a date, so I’ll do my best” It definitely looks attractive to the eyes of a popular woman, and it is masculine and cool.

And when a woman is treated carefully by a man, she wants to be more beautiful and must be feminine for him! And the aesthetic sense naturally increases. As a result, we can have a good relationship that can enhance each other. I hope that more men and women will be able to enjoy romance with compassion, with men being masculine and women being feminine.

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