How to keep spices fresh and smell fresh for long periods

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Last updated on December 17th, 2022 at 02:01 pm

The most important thing in preparing the most delicious food in order to get the desired taste and shape is the right choice and good preservation of the spices special to Becky, as most women buy a large and different amount of spices, especially working women who do not have much time to buy what is lacking daily, so they buy large quantities to suffice longer A possible period in order to always help her prepare the most delicious dishes and not to be disrupted during the preparation of foods due to the lack of a certain type of spice and the most important point of keeping spices fresh

How to keep spices fresh and smell fresh for long periods
How to keep spices fresh and smell fresh for long periods

Spices, like anything, need good storage so as not to lose their taste and smell, and this negatively affects the taste of food. Most women feel that spices have no effect on preparing their meals, no matter how much you put them. So we present to you this article in order to learn how to preserve the taste of your spices without changing the smell and taste.


You should test the spices that you have from time to time to see if they retain their flavor or if they have lost their taste and aroma.

You must be careful when buying ground spices not to buy a large amount because the ground spices lose a large part of their natural taste at the time of grinding and with storage for a period, the rest of their taste and smell will be completely lost.

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When you store spices, do not mix them with each other so that each type does not lose its taste. Each type must be placed separately in a tightly closed box. Put the cans in a place completely away from light, heat and moisture, and let it be in your kitchen cupboard

As for the quantity used in the kitchen daily, you can put each type individually in a perforated box. And you sprinkle it on the food, or you can put it in closed boxes with the use of a completely clean and dry spoon. To put the right amount on your food, do not forget to close the box well after use.

Do not put the spices near the stove in any way, because the heat destroys the taste of the spices completely and changes its smell

Spices storage time Check the expiry date and write the date on the containers. Until you pay attention to its expiration date and dispense with spices that have expired so as not to spoil your food

Here’s an easy way to keep spices fresh

You can distribute spices in small magnetic spice containers and arrange them in an artistic way on the side of the refrigerator. Instead of distributing them in large packages that take up a large place in your kitchen. Jars are one of the most useful pieces in storing and preserving foodstuffs that are available in all homes. And in order not to take up a lot of space in your kitchen table, you can hang it under the kitchen cupboard by fixing the covers with screws. All you have to do after that is wrap the jar in the lid to separate from it and use it as you like

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