How to lighten your body! Relieve daily stress by stretching

How to deal with stress well
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Do you feel heavy? Here, I would like to introduce how to lighten your body. Stress is often the cause of heavy and uncomfortable feelings. Therefore, I will show you how to deal with stress well and how to stretch comfortably.

Let’s lighten your body! Building a body that can withstand stress

You may feel angry when you feel uncomfortable, but such stress can have a positive effect on your health and beauty, depending on how you handle it.

So, this time, I will introduce how to deal with stress and stretches that support the effect.


So, before I introduce you to stretching, here are some things to keep in mind when practicing.

  • Don’t overdo it, stretch it out and work slowly within a comfortable range.
  • When stretching, try to exhale slowly.
  • Shorten the keep time in the direction where you feel sharp pain when you stretch it.
  • Focus on your body so that you can focus on the stretched area.

What is the method of trunk stretching to lighten the body from the morning?

The morning after a sleepless day, everyone has a hard time waking up and tends to be stiff and tense. This stretch loosens the core such as the shoulder blades and hip joints of the trunk (torso), so the body loosens from the core.

Since the arm is also connected to the shoulder joint and collarbone, it is also effective in eliminating stiffness from the neck to the shoulder. By moving your arms more slowly around the trunk, the range of motion of the hip joints will expand and the groin area will be cleared, so waste products that tend to accumulate in the joints will flow and the body will become lighter.
Please try to take in plenty of fresh oxygen from the morning.

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■ How to:

1. Put your palms and knees on the floor

Put your palms and knees on the floor
Place your palms on the floor and open your fingers wide. Put your right knee and left toe where the trunk stretches comfortably.

Extend your left foot diagonally to the left and place your right toe diagonally to the right floor.

2. Slowly stretch your left arm while inhaling

Slowly stretch your left arm while inhaling
Look at the floor and be careful not to hurt your neck.

Slowly extend your left hand from the ceiling toward your back. At this time, be careful not to bend the base of your right leg and drop your hips behind. Stretch your stomach with the image of pushing both groin areas forward.

3. Return your left arm to the floor while exhaling

Return your left arm to the floor while exhaling
Be careful not to curl or warp the trunk too much. 
Look toward your left fingertip.

While slowly lowering your left hand, pass under your right arm and diagonally downward. Push your arms out so that you feel the stretch from your left back.

4. While inhaling, stretch your left arm back and stretch your abdomen, chest, and throat.

How to lighten your body
Use your toes to stabilize your pelvis.

While repeating a few movements (about 3 times), push your arms out with the image of putting your left fingertip on the floor behind you, and open your body wide from the navel area. Look at your fingertips with your eyes extended, and extend your throat from around your chest. Let’s do the same on the other side.

Stretching to shed tiredness and waste products accumulated during the day

When you sweat, not only water but also nutrients in your body are discharged together, which makes you more tired. In addition, it is said that the urinary system such as the kidneys is particularly burdened during the hot and humid season, and swelling and coldness are likely to occur. It is important that these tiredness symptoms disappear on the same day and that you do not get tired.

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In this stretch, the movement of entwining the legs causes blood flow in the lower body, and the movement of twisting improves the movement of internal organs and restores energy from the inside.

■ How to do:

1. Lying on your back, put your right leg on your left leg

Lying on your back, put your right leg on your left leg
If the instep of your right foot is hooked on your left inner ankle, entangle your legs.

Put your hands under your head and place your right leg on your left leg.

2. Tilt both knees to the left

Tilt both knees to the left
The muscles relax with exhaled breath. 
With the image of slowly exhaling and moving your stomach a lot.

Tilt your knees to the left while exhaling. At this time, be careful not to lift your right elbow or shoulder too much. Look down around your chest and gently stretch your nape. Let’s repeat 10 breaths as it is.

3. Tilt both knees to the right

Screenshot 7
If you feel the left hip or flank stretch, breathe slowly

Tilt your knees to the right while exhaling. Let’s repeat 10 breaths as it is.

How to deal with stress well

How to deal with stress well
Stretching is like meditation while moving. Calm your mind and cherish the time you spend facing your body.

“I want to spend a fulfilling time, I want to be healthy, I want to be beautiful” is a natural desire for human beings. However, when you feel stressed, you tend to feel that even this desire is “don’t care”.

What is stress in the first place? Feelings that spring up when something unpleasant happens? An invisible bad guy whose emotions affect the body?

Both are correct and incorrect.

From the perspective of the brain, anything that causes the activity of neurons (nerve cells in the brain) is stress, and basically the stress that brain cells receive is reflected in emotions. In other words, walking and getting angry at your boss are the same “stress” from your brain.

But whether it’s poisonous or medicinal depends on the actions you take during stress. Not only does that behavior change your feelings, but it also changes your brain activity. If you get frustrated without taking any action, it will be “harmful” such as poor physical condition or eating and diverging.

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On the other hand, if you actively deal with it, such as relaxing the tension of your body with gentle movements such as stretching and yoga, and dissipating the negative energy accumulated by exercise that also serves as a change of mood such as jogging, you can escape from that state well. .. In addition, if you learn how to deal with it well, you will gain confidence and will not lose a little stress.

Please face your body with a positive feeling and lead a healthy life.

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