How to make a beacon in Minecraft: everything you need

beacon in Minecraft
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Last updated on December 17th, 2022 at 02:03 pm

One of the most famous games in the world is Minecraft . There are many different elements, so we can always learn something new. Many players want to learn how to build a beacon in Minecraft, and we are going to discuss how in this article. In this game, a beacon is an important character. We must know how to build one, since we may need it at some point. If we play from an Android tablet or an iPad, we will be ready for when the time comes in the renowned game.

And, in this article, you will be able to learn how you can create beacons (that’s what these special constructions are called, but they have nothing to do with the similarly named food). Well, here you will be able to know all the details and how to do it from your Minecraft.

beacon in Minecraft

What is the beacon in Minecraft

What is the beacon in Minecraft

lighthouse in Minecraft works like a light beacon, projecting a beam of light to guide visitors to a location. This beam of light is produced by particles, which must be aimed at the sky to be seen. Players can modify the light color of the lighthouse to their liking when building it. This feature is a player favorite.

When building a beacon in Minecraft, you need to know where you can change the color of the light. You can modify the color of the light at the time of construction, but not after it is finished. You can use normal glass or tinted glass (in the color of your choice). It will be projected to the sky when you use the beacon. But remember that it not only provides light, you can also do other things in these blocks…

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How to make a beacon in Minecraft

How to make a beacon in Minecraft

When creating a beacon in Minecraft, we must follow a specific recipe. To do this, we must first understand what ingredients are necessary. Those who have more experience with the game or have played it for a longer time may already be familiar with this recipe. However, if you’re just starting out with the game, you won’t know her. We will describe the procedure in detail, so that you can make a lighthouse.

To build a Beacon in Minecraft, you must have an Aether Star, three Obsidian Blocks, and five Crystal Blocks . You can build a beacon using a variety of blocks in various layers. You should place a three by three block grid on the first layer, regardless of what resource you use, as this will ensure that your beacon works properly in-game. You can maximize your beacon’s magical light by building a four-story pyramid.


Having a general knowledge of the ingredients we use is beneficial. Since a lot of Minecraft players don’t know how to get the materials they need for this beacon, it’s a distinct disadvantage.

  • Glass is one of the necessary ingredients, and it is easy to obtain by melting sand.
  • On the other hand, obsidian is obtained by digging underground to certain depths to extract this mineral. You can also find it in underground caves causing water to flow into lava.
  • In addition to the above, you also have to get a nether star. This material is more difficult to obtain. There is only one way to obtain it, and that is by facing and defeating the Wither boss.

Of course, in creative mode you can get everything much more easily and quickly, without having to get these materials by going through the entire process to obtain them…

Beacon range

beacon range

The range of action around a beacon pyramid in Minecraft will be 20 blocks if we build a one-story pyramid. If we build a two-story pyramid, we will see that the range of action will be 30 blocks. If we build a pyramid with three floors, the range will be 40 blocks in total, and 50 blocks if we build a pyramid with four floors. Each user must decide which pyramid to build based on their own needs.

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It is essential to gather and save all the resources you can to build a beacon in Minecraft with the greatest possible range. This will allow you to use these resources to the maximum, as well as the operation of this beacon or beacon in the game.

The range of 30 blocks on a 5 story beacon is usually not enough. Although it may not seem important on paper, the difference it makes when we have a greater reach is significant. It will be more illuminated, which will undoubtedly be beneficial in those situations in which we need it. We can also clearly see that the beacon has been built in a specific color, the one we have chosen. Therefore, we must make sure that we build it in a substantial way .

It’s best if you build that 3×3 base first. This will allow you to see the effects and thus decide what is enough for you. So you can add one more floor later, for example, if you see that this base is not enough. Being able to customize it is something important for everyone.


Many users are unaware that the effect of this beacon is somewhat limited, as it only lasts a few seconds. The duration of this beacon, based on the size of the pyramid you have built , must be known in advance. This is the duration:

  • Pyramid of size 1:20 blocks will last about 11 seconds.
  • With a size of 2:30 blocks, it will reach 13 seconds in length.
  • With 3:40 blocks for about 15 seconds long.
  • And a pyramid of size 4:50 blocks would reach 17 seconds in length.
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status effects

status effects

By making the beacon in Minecraft, you will get status effects . This idea may seem unfamiliar to some, but most of you probably already know what we are talking about. They can increase certain activities in the game by offering us various benefits. For example, they can allow us to jump higher, move faster, be more resistant to attacks, mine faster or hit harder, among other things. Therefore, they are very beneficial.

In addition, we will have a second and powerful ability in this area. Regeneration is a complementary ability that will activate when the beacon is placed on top of a pyramid or four-story towers in the game. Therefore, players find it interesting to build a four-story pyramid because it gives us many advantages that are of interest.

The most intriguing thing, however, is that we can save the resources for the farm to be able to make this beacon in the game. This will be especially useful in certain situations in the game. For example, if we have chosen to build one of the four floors, which will be the one with the greatest range, we will be able to take advantage of all its advantages. This will also give us access to those powers and improve actions such as attack or defense.

You can start experimenting with the status effects this beacon provides using just the 3×3 base, if you’re skeptical about its in-game potential. You will be able to clearly see the benefits that this beacon provides by doing so, such as increased speed or resistance to enemy attacks, among others. If you have resources, it is a good idea to expand your pyramid.

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